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【Finished】FY2020 and FY2021 Research Report Meeting on Designated Research Projects will be held.

The University Consortium Kyoto has set designated survey themes with the aim of contributing to the improvement and review of projects, new development, and sophistication, and conducts surveys and research by researchers in specialized fields.
This time, we will hold the research report meeting on the survey subjects conducted in FY2020 and FY2021 as follows.
We look forward to your participation.
(Registration required, participation is free)

1. Date and time

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 16:00~18:25

2. Location   

Campus Plaza Kyoto 4F Lecture Room 3 (with capacity)

・Online (Zoom)

* Depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection, it may be held completely online.
In that case, we will also send the URL for online participation to those who choose to participate at the venue.

3. Content of the report

(1) New development
of the Kyoto brand in attracting international students ~Development of a model case based on the University Consortium Kyoto~ (FY2020 issue)

Research Outline The purpose of this survey is to further promote the internationalization of universities in the Kyoto region from the perspective of accepting international students. Through questionnaire surveys and interviews, we organized the current situation and issues of the University Consortium Kyoto member universities and investigated precedents. Based on these, we propose model cases in which the efforts of each university and the efforts of inter-university collaborative organizations can synergize and contribute to the expansion of attracting international students.
Principal Investigator Ritsumeikan University General Affairs Department Secretary Noritaka Hashimoto


(2) Social network analysis of the role structure of the consortium Kyoto member universities in the regional network (FY2020 issue)

Research Outline This survey provides a network analysis of a wealth of data on social capital, industrial capital, human capital, intellectual capital, and cultural capital collected through organizational data of the University Consortium Kyoto, input-output tables of Kyoto Prefecture, questionnaire surveys of member universities, and the "Kyoto Prefectural University Brand Survey" of the Kyoto regional brand. Through statistical analysis, we clarified from various perspectives how the University Consortium Kyoto and its member universities contribute to the production and maintenance of local industries and local cultural resources in Kyoto.
Principal Investigator Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University Jun Kanemitsu


(3) Re-exploration of Kyoto's Core Values: Pioneering a future of credit transfer (FY2021 issue)

Research Outline In the midst of an aging society with a declining birthrate and the progress of globalization, there are movements in higher education institutions to reconsider the essence of inter-university collaboration along with individual reforms, such as the introduction of the university collaboration promotion corporation system.
This survey proposes the future of the credit transfer system, based on the fact that the credit transfer program of the University Consortium Kyoto has been conducted as a learning system that reflects the regional characteristics and advantages of the university city of Kyoto.
Principal Investigator Ritsumeikan University Institute for the Promotion of General Education Professor Hironori Yamaguchi

4. How to apply

 If you would like to participate, please apply using the application form below by Friday, February 25.


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