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【Finished】FY2019 Designated Research Projects Research Results Report Meeting and Information Exchange Meeting will be held.

The University Consortium Kyoto has set designated survey themes with the aim of contributing to the improvement and review of projects, new development, and sophistication, and conducts surveys and research by faculty and staff of member schools of the Foundation. We will hold the following results report meeting and information exchange meeting to present the results of the survey and research conducted in fiscal 2019. We look forward to your participation.
(Registration required, participation is free)


1. Date & Time: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 14:30~16:30 (Achievement Report Meeting)

                 16:30~18:00 (Information exchange meeting *Snacks available)

2. Venue Presentation Meeting Campus Plaza Kyoto, 4F, Lecture Room 3

       Information Exchange Meeting Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall



3. Content of the report

(1) Theme 1: Kyoto Women's University

  a) Theme

   The Role of University Consortium Kyoto in Promoting Recurrent Education in Kyoto

   ―Toward the Construction of the Kyoto Model―

  b) Research Outline

   The purpose of this course is to propose concrete measures based on empirical research on the role of the University Consortium Kyoto in order to build recurrent education that contributes to solving the problems facing Kyoto by utilizing the research and educational resources of the 48 member universities. In addition to examining various approaches to recurrent education adapted to the regional characteristics of Kyoto, we conducted a fact-finding survey on employment support for women who have interrupted their careers, the development of engineers in traditional industries, and recurrent education related to business succession for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  c) Principal Investigator

   Kyoto Women's University Vice President / Director of the Center for Regional Cooperation Eiko Takeyasu


(2) Theme 2: Kyoto Bunkyo University

  a) Theme

   Survey of the growth of graduates and participants of various SD training programs and how systematic SD training should be conducted in the future

  b) Research Outline

   Among the various SD training programs of the Consortium of Universities Kyoto, we will conduct a growth tracking survey of all graduates of the current SD seminar and the former university administrator training, which is the flagship training with the highest burden in terms of both quality and quantity, and verify the effectiveness. By measuring the effectiveness of these programs and comparing them with similar programs nationwide, we will clarify their strengths and weaknesses, and propose how to build a training system as a consortium of universities Kyoto SD in the future.

  c) Principal Investigator

   Kyoto Bunkyo University Educational Planning Division Director Takamichi Murayama


4. How to apply

 If you wish to participate, please join us by January 14 (Tue.) ~ February 25 (Tue.)

 Please apply from the application form on the Foundation's website.

 Application Form URL:



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