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Call for Researchers (Research Groups) for the FY2020 "Designated Survey Project Project"

The Consortium of Universities Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") has set designated survey themes and conducts research by researchers in specialized fields with the aim of contributing to the improvement and review of Foundation projects, new development, and sophistication.
We are looking for researchers (research groups) on the following two themes as the "Research Policy on the Role of the Foundation in the Fifth Stage (FY2019-2023)" as the designated survey projects for FY2020.

Theme 1
: Measures to raise the level of activities to attract international students in the Kyoto area based on the current situation of internationalization at Kyoto universities

Theme 2
: Current Status and Future Direction of the Role of Consortium Kyoto Member Schools in Kyoto Region Unraveled from Data Analysis

【Application Period】2019/12/12(Thu)~2020/1/31(Fri)【Must arrive by this time】

The maximum amount of research expenses per project is 1.5 million yen.
* Researchers (in the case of groups, the principal investigator) must be full-time faculty members belonging to affiliated universities and junior colleges of the Foundation.

For details on the business, please check the following URL.

University Consortium Kyoto
Designated Survey Project Secretariat (Contact: Takehana and Morita)
TEL: 075-353-9130
E-mail: shitei-kadai-ml[at]consortium.or.jp
* Please change [at] to @ and send.