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Call for Researchers for the 2017 "University Consortium Kyoto Designated Research Projects"

The University Consortium Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") has set designated survey themes and conducts research by researchers in specialized fields with the aim of contributing to the improvement and review of projects, new development, and sophistication. For the 2017 designated survey project, we are looking for researchers (research groups) who have set the following two themes as a research policy on the role that the Foundation should play in disseminating the appeal of "Kyoto as a university city and a city of students." We are looking forward to receiving applications from many researchers. For details, please check the application guidelines below.

Designated Survey Topics

Theme 1

"Investigative Research on the Effects of Student Exchange, especially in Academic Exchange, and Its Utilization in Foundation Projects (Evaluation and Recommendations)"

Outline of the research sought

The Foundation conducts the Policy Research Exchange Conference and other projects that provide a place for students to engage in academic exchange beyond the boundaries of universities and faculties. This is an initiative that exists because it is a foundation that exists in "Kyoto, the city of universities and Kyoto, a city of students," and is one of the attractions of Kyoto, a city of universities.

Therefore, with the aim of further improving and disseminating this appeal, we would like to conduct research on what kind of awareness, growth, and learning are acquired by participating students in these projects through academic exchange that transcends the boundaries of universities and faculties, and to receive proposals for making it a project in which more students participate and gain awareness, growth, and learning.


Theme 2

"Influence on University Selection and Role of the Foundation in 'Kyoto City of Universities and Kyoto City of Students'"

Outline of the research sought

Kyoto is a "university town and student town" where many universities and junior colleges are concentrated, and about 10% of the population of students study. We will conduct research to determine to what extent university entrance exam students and students attending universities in Kyoto consider the location of the university as the reason for choosing a university, and how they feel the appeal of Kyoto universities (for example, it is possible to compare universities with other cities). At the same time, it is desirable to state whether the existence of the foundation or its business influences the choice of university. On top of that, I would like to receive suggestions on how foundations, member schools, and governments should utilize "university towns and student towns" for recruiting examinees, publicity, and business development.


It is assumed that you meet the following requirements:

・Surveys and research by individuals or groups.

・The researcher (in the case of a group, the principal investigator) must be a full-time faculty member of a university or junior college affiliated with the Foundation.

・Researchers or group members shall have a high level of expertise in the content of the designated research project.

・After acceptance, a contract research contract will be concluded between the researcher's (or the principal investigator in the case of a group) and the Foundation, and the department in charge of the research funds will be managed by the department in charge of the affiliated university. When applying, please coordinate with the department in charge of your university in advance.

Main schedule (tentative)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

~January 31, 2017(Tue)

Call for Survey Researchers (Group)

Early February

Document screening

Early February

Notification of document screening results

February 14 (Tue)

Presentation Judging (Campus Plaza Kyoto)


Notification of adoption (provisional decision until Foundation budget approval)

After April

Commencement of research (after signing of the memorandum)

How to apply

Please download the application form from the link below, fill in the required information, and send two types of files: the Word version and the PDF version of the application form as an attachment to the e-mail (no seal required).
We will send you an acknowledgment email within 3 days. If you do not receive a reply, please contact us at the following address.
Submission by mail or in person is not permitted.

<Submission to>
Consortium of Universities Kyoto Designated Survey Projects Person in charge
E-mail address: shitei_kadai-ml■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ and send it)2017

"Consortium of Universities Kyoto Designated Survey Projects" Application Guidelines [Click here for details]
2017 "University Consortium Kyoto Designated Research Subject" Research Application Form【Download here】

Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto Designated Survey Projects Contact: Fujii
E-mail: shitei_kadai-ml■consortium.or.jp TEL: 075-353-9130
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