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Survey research is progressing ~2016 University Consortium Kyoto Designated Survey Projects~

The University Consortium Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") has been conducting research by researchers in specialized fields since 2015 with the aim of contributing to the review and improvement of Foundation projects, new development and sophistication, and the provision of information to the Foundation's member schools.

In fiscal 2016, a research group led by Associate Professor Tetsu Yoshida of the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University (Kyoto University, Doshisha University, and Kyoto Sangyo University) conducted research on the following topics twice a month under the theme of "Building a DB of Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities at Universities: Toward the Establishment of a Collaborative Organization for the Support Office for Students with Disabilities." (Click here for details of the 2016 Foundation designated survey issues)

Members of the Research Group: From left to right: Mr. Inoue of Kyoto Sangyo University, Prof. Yoshida, Prof. Yoshida, Prof. Sekine of Doshisha University From left to right: Mr. Tsuchihashi of Doshisha University, Mr. Yamamoto, Research Collaborator, Prof. Iwakuma, Kyoto University

1. Creation of a database of how students with disabilities can access university facilities

 We have built a system that can easily investigate information on access and barriers in lecture rooms and common areas of school buildings, and can display a list with icons. Using this information, on September 12, we conducted a survey of information on access and barriers in a total of more than 300 locations, including lecture rooms in nine buildings in six buildings used for common subjects at Kyoto University and common areas in the school building. We are planning to conduct a survey at Doshisha University after October.

2. "Visualization" of the know-how of the Support Office for Students with Disabilities

 According to the coordinator, who has been in charge of supporting students with disabilities since its establishment, the key to supporting students with disabilities is the ability behind the work, such as "methods of understanding and enlightening related faculty and staff across departments" and "reconstruction of support based on failures." Therefore, from the establishment of the support office to getting it on track, we are aiming to organize the essential tasks of the coordinator and the annual work, and to visualize tacit knowledge, which is the key point.

3. Collection and database of building renovation cases for supporting students with disabilities

 From the discussions of the study group, we came to the understanding that it would be more effective to record the process of involvement in the renovation, rather than showing many examples of building renovation, in order to support students with disabilities. Therefore, we have decided to present important points from the following cases of involvement in how related departments are involved
in renovation work: 1) support from the design stage before renovation, 2) support at the stage just before construction, and 3) support

for renovation immediately after completion of construction. In 3), when installing a barrier-free renovation (installation of a slope) at Kyoto University, students using wheelchairs, the support coordinator for students with disabilities, facility staff, and academic affairs staff examined and implemented the renovation.

4 An exploratory qualitative study on the viewpoint of students with disabilities regarding the structuring and support of support know-how of support coordinators for students with disabilities

 Coordinators conduct interviews with students with disabilities through ethnography and conversation studies, and structure support skills. In addition, we started a research to exploratory interviews with students with disabilities about their needs for support and their perspectives on support at Doshisha University and Kyoto University (approved by the ethics review of the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University).

The following is an example of a survey conducted on September 12 at Kyoto University's Yoshida Minami Campus on "1 Creating a database of how students with disabilities access university facilities." With the cooperation of students from Kyoto University, we investigated the accessibility of buildings.

Guidance on the survey by Associate Professor Yoshida, Principal Investigator Students are checking the steps of the building, the size of the elevator, the presence or absence of mirrors, etc.

We plan to proceed with the above research by the results report meeting in March. Please look forward to the progress of future research and research.

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