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Recruitment of Research Group for "Multifaceted City Administration Research Project Utilizing "University Knowledge"

are looking for a research group to analyze and consider the revitalization of Kyoto by utilizing culture from various angles! ~

 In order to maximize the use of "university knowledge," which can be said to be an asset of Kyoto, in Kyoto City's policies and to strengthen efforts to solve the issues of the city government, the University Consortium Kyoto will newly implement a "multifaceted city administration research project utilizing the university's knowledge" from this fiscal year in collaboration with Kyoto City.

 Specifically, we will establish a research group consisting of multiple units that study field-specific themes designated by Kyoto City, and analyze and discuss them from multiple perspectives.

 Ultimately, the research results will be compiled into a report and linked to the policies of Kyoto City, which will be utilized to solve the problems of the city government and disseminate them nationwide as a Kyoto model.

 Therefore, we would like to inform you that we are recruiting research groups as follows.

Research Theme

 Designated theme "Revitalization of Kyoto by utilizing culture"

 With the decision to fully relocate the Agency for Cultural Affairs in March this year, Kyoto, which has created a Japan culture for more than 1,000 years, will research methods to revitalize Kyoto based on culture while utilizing Kyoto's strengths such as "university", "tourism", "manufacturing", "Japanese food", and "landscape". 

Field-Specific Themes (Research Perspectives)

(1) Tourism and Culture ~ Culture and Cultural Properties are the Core Contents of Inbound Tourism ~ [Unit 1]

 We will study methods that mutually enhance culture and tourism by protecting and utilizing cultural properties in both hardware and software, promoting traditional culture, and creating new value.

(2) Industry and Culture ~Impactful New Manufacturing through Culture~ [Unit 2]

 In addition to utilizing new cultures that have attracted international attention in recent years, such as content such as videos and animations and the food culture of Japan registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, we will further expand the efforts of traditional industries and manufacturing culture to study the possibility of industrial promotion through culture.

(3) Life and Culture ~Inheritance and Development of the Culture of Japan Life~ [Unit 3]

 We value the culture of Japan living, including food, clothing, and housing, and the spirit of coexistence with the local community and nature behind it, and research methods to disseminate its charm while creating.

(4) Urban development and culture ~ Culture and the arts are catalysts for regional revitalization ~ [Unit 4]

 In urban development and regional revitalization, we will incorporate cultural perspectives, promote further cultural fusion from traditional (classical) culture to contemporary art, and research methods that lead to the creation of new town value.

Research System

  (1) The principal investigator (project leader) shall form
each research unit for each theme in each field and supervise them. (Can also serve as unit representative)

  (2) Research groups and research units may consist of researchers from more than one university.

Eligibility for Application

  The principal investigator and the representative of each research unit must be full-time faculty members belonging to
universities and junior colleges that are members of the University Consortium Kyoto. This does not apply to collaborative researchers in each unit.

Research Commissioned Expenses and Research Period

  Research commissioned fee: 5 million yen (maximum) / year
Research period: Until FY29 (2 years) (planned)

Number of adopted projects

  1 project (1 research group)

How to apply 

  Download the application form and send two types of files, the application form (Word / Excel version) and the application form converted to PDF version,
as an e-mail attachment (no seal required).

  * Submission by mail or bring-in is not allowed.

Application Period

Friday, September 23 ~ Monday, November 7, Heisei 28

Selection method

  The selection committee established by the Foundation will review the documents to determine which research groups to be adopted.

Schedule (tentative)

  September 23, 28 (Friday) Recruitment starts

       November 7 (Mon) Application deadline

       Mid-November: Review, Research Group Decision

       Late November~ Research start

  July 29: Submission of interim report

  March 30: Research results report meeting, submission of research report

Application and inquiries

  〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji

  University Consortium Kyoto Research and Public Relations Division

  Tel: 075-353-9130

  FAX :075-353-9101

  E-mail: takakuteki-ml■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■
to @ and send)

Application Guidelines and Application Form

  Application Guidelines

  Form 1~3

  Forms 4-1,4-2