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To students who need support due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection (Updated on May 29)

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, I think that students are facing financial difficulties and anxiety about attending school.
This time, we have compiled a list of systems that students can use and apply for. We will update the information from time to time, so please make use of it.

In addition, some universities have established systems such as deferral or deferral of tuition payment and university-specific tuition reductions.
Please contact the counter of each university.

About benefits

Kyoto City Special Fixed Amount Benefit

It describes how to apply for and receive special fixed amount benefits, as well as the schedule.

○Kyoto City Special Fixed Amount Subsidy (Kyoto City)

Emergency Student Support Subsidy for Continuation of Learning

This benefit is for students (including international students) of national private universities (including graduate schools), junior colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools.
The application deadline varies depending on the school, so be sure to contact the school office where you are enrolled.

○ "Emergency Student Support Subsidy" for "Continuation of Learning" (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) https://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/koutou/hutankeigen/mext_00686.html ○ Application Guide (PDF)


About the Scholarship System

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarships

Students who are already enrolled in a university are eligible. For details on the application procedure, please contact your school.

○Support for those whose household finances have changed suddenly due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection (Japan Student Services Organization)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Loan Scholarship

Those who are enrolled in "junior college, university, graduate school, vocational school (specialized course), technical college" are eligible.
Apply at the school you are currently enrolled in.

○Emergency Recruitment and Emergency Recruitment (Japan Student Services Organization)

About Loans

Living welfare fund loans (special loans such as emergency microloans) [For a wide range of households]

This is a system that provides interest-free loans of up to 200,000 yen to households whose income has decreased due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection and who need urgent and temporary loans to maintain their livelihoods. Please contact the Kyoto City Council of Social Welfare.

○ Special Emergency Small Account Fund / Special Comprehensive Support Fund (Kyoto City Council of Social Welfare)

Living Welfare Fund Loan (Education Support Fund) [Low-income households]

This is a system that allows low-income households to receive a loan of up to 65,000 yen per month without interest (in the case of a university) for expenses necessary for studying at a university, etc.
We also provide loans of up to 500,000 yen for the expenses required for admission.
Please contact your ward social welfare council.

○ For those who need educational funds (Education Support Funds) (Kyoto City Council of Social Welfare)

Telephone and Internet Charges

○ Free provision of excess mobile phone communication capacity to students, etc. (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

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