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【Notice】Revision of Campus Plaza Kyoto Facility Usage Fee (Updated 3/31)

We would like to inform you that the facility usage fee of the Town Exchange Center of Kyoto City University will be revised as follows.
The fee revision is only in "other cases" (general fee) of the "Kyoto City University Town Exchange Center Ordinance".
"When used by a university, etc. for exchange activities" (when used as a project by a member school or a consortium of universities) is not eligible.

Date of revision of the ordinance April 1, Reiwa 4 If you make a reservation to use the facility by May 31, Reiwa 4, the previous fee will be applied*(1)
Effective Date June 1, Reiwa 4
When used by universities, etc. for exchange activities No change from current rates
Other cases We will revise as shown in the list*(2)

 *(1) Based on the date of application for permission, the rate before the revision will be applied to those who make a reservation for facility use after
June 1 by May 31, Reiwa 4.
For reservations for facility use, please check the [Reservation procedure and usage flow]
on the hotel's website.
*(2) For specific revised fees, please refer to the list of
Campus Plaza Kyoto facility usage fees.

We would like to ask for your understanding.