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Impact of air conditioning renovation work on rental rooms (updated 8/31)

At Campus Plaza Kyoto, air conditioning renovation work will be carried out for about three months from October Reiwa.
The facility will continue to be available during the renovation work, but depending on the status of the construction,
it is expected that construction noise will be generated and construction personnel will come and go. In addition, from December onwards, there will be rental rooms where air conditioning will no longer be available
We ask that you apply
after paying attention to the impact of the construction.


[Period of impact on the use of air conditioning] (Planned)

Period Air conditioning availability Remarks
October Available
November Not available Due to the air conditioning switching period as usual
December Not available Until completion of construction due to air conditioning work

* We will inform you later if there is any impact after January.

【Rental rooms that affect the use of air conditioning due to construction】

floor Air conditioning (heating) is not available
5F Lecture Room 1
4F Lecture Room 2, Room 3, Lecture Room 4
2f Conference Room 1
Common to all floors Common areas (EV halls, lobbies, corridors, lounges)

Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.