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Introduction of wireless LAN and eduroam to rental conference rooms, etc.

Thank you for using Campus Plaza Kyoto.

We have introduced a wireless LAN environment in all rental conference rooms.

In addition, elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions and research institutions can mutually use campus wireless LANs .

We have also introduced "eduroam", which is a mechanism for using international network roaming.


We will continue to strive to improve the convenience and service of our users, so please continue to use our facility.

Best regards.


The following methods include how to use wireless LAN in rental conference rooms.

Available area

 1F Student Plus (space available only to students)

 2F Conference Room 1~3, Hall, Japanese-style room

 4F Lecture Room 2~4

 5F Lecture Room 1, Seminar Room 1~5

 6F 5th~6th Lecture Room


How to use the

<General facility users>

When using the rental conference room, please receive a password entry table at the reception desk on the 1st floor, follow the distribution manual, and enter your ID and password on the authentication page.

(ID and password are valid only on the day of the event)


< faculty members, university staff (those who have eduroam connection information), >

In the above available areas, the connection to eduroam is automatically implemented.

After connecting, you will be able to use the Internet, so please use it.

* If the connection does not occur automatically, please connect to eduroam manually.

* Please use the connection account ID, password, etc. issued by each affiliated institution. Please note that new issuance cannot be made by the Museum.

* When using the Internet, some sites may add settings for connection information in accordance with the security policy of this facility. Please contact the reception desk for details.