HOME » < has ended> [For faculty and staff] The 17th Kansai Roundtable Meeting for Students with Disabilities Support Staff was held on September 15 (advance registration required, free of charge)

< has ended> [For faculty and staff] The 17th Kansai Roundtable Meeting for Students with Disabilities Support Staff was held on September 15 (advance registration required, free of charge)

The Consortium of Universities Kyoto will hold the "Kansai Student Support Staff Roundtable for Students with Disabilities" (KSSK) as follows, with the aim of exchanging persons involved in disability support work at universities in Kansai.
With the enforcement of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities in April 28, each university is required to further collaborate on improving the abilities of those in charge of supporting students with disabilities and providing information beyond the boundaries of universities.
In this 17th session, we will provide a topic about the efforts and issues of the Osaka University Campus Life Support Center. In addition, the subcommittees are divided into three themes: "Support System," "Introduction to Support Practice," and "Support Practice," and opinions will be exchanged on how to support students with disabilities. 
If you are a faculty member or staff member who is involved in supporting students with disabilities at a university or junior college in the Kansai area, or who is interested in supporting students with disabilities, please join us.

Case Report Venue: Outline of the 17th Kansai Roundtable Meeting on Support for Students with Disabilities (KSSK), a small-group breakout session


◆Date & Time: Thursday, September 15, 2016 13:00 (Reception 12:30~
16:45 (Information exchange meeting is 17:00~18:30)

◆Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall (access) (〒600-8216 939 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

◆Target: Faculty and staff members who are involved in or interested in supporting
students with disabilities at universities and junior colleges in the Kansai region

◆Capacity: 65 people (first-come, first-served basis) ← thanks to your support, the capacity has been reached.

◆ Participation fee: Free (Information exchange meeting requires a separate participation fee)

◆Contents: (Download PDF)




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Opening Remarks


Topic Source: "Osaka University's Support System and Support Practices: Current Situation and Challenges"


Naoto Mochizuki (Project Associate Professor, Campus Life Support Center, Osaka University)

Satoko Nakano (Lecturer, Campus Life Support Center, Osaka University)

≪ Contents≫

With the enactment of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, the necessity and responsibility of each university to support students with disabilities has become clearer. Under such circumstances, there are many universities where the development of support systems and system creation are issues. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the support system and the current situation of practical work at Osaka University, and use it as a reference when promoting the development of the system at each university.


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Breakout Sessions

A Support System (Note 1)

In addition to exchanging information on the development of systems, system creation, and the creation of guidelines, this subcommittee also discusses staff allocation (especially expertise, term of office, succession, etc.).

B. Introduction to Support Practice

Regardless of the type of disability or their position, this subcommittee is mainly for people who have been involved in support practice for up to about one year to discuss the current state of support and issues in the form of "consultation on anything."

C. Support Practice (Note 2)

(1)~(3) This is a subcommittee divided into each theme, shares information and exchanges opinions from the aspect of reasonable accommodation, and discusses solutions, etc. (Please let us know your 1st and 2nd preferences when applying)

(1) Support for students with developmental disabilities and mental disorders

(2) Support for students with physical disabilities (personal assistance on campus, etc.)

(3) Support for special subjects and courses (qualifications, foreign languages, sciences, etc.)


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Closing Remarks


Information exchange meeting (ends at 18:30)

◆Application Note: Please be sure to check the following.

< Regarding participation in the subcommittee>
Please select one of the subcommittees (each with a capacity of about 13 people) from A~C and write the alphabet and
the subcommittee theme in the application email.

Note 1: If you are applying for Subcommittee A, please include the number of students at your university and whether there is a support system (if so, the year of establishment and the number of section members

Note 2: If you are applying for Subcommittee C, please let us know your first and second preferences out of (1)~(3). Please
note that if the number of participants exceeds the capacity, priority will be given to the first-come, first-served participant, so you may not be able to participate in the subcommittee of your choice

< Information Exchange Meeting>
If you would like to participate in the information exchange meeting after the plenary session or subcommittee meeting, please let us know when you apply for participation. If
you wish to cancel, please be sure to contact us by the day before.

[Venue] La Cafe Kenya (Campus Plaza Kyoto 1F)

  [Participation fee] 3,000 yen (Please bring it on the day of the event.) We will give you a receipt. )

  <Consideration for disabilities, etc.>
If you need more consideration for your disability when participating in the Society, please contact the secretariat at the time of application.

◆How to apply: Please send it to the secretariat by e-mail, with the title "Application for participation in the 17th KSSK" and the following items. (Please send one email per person)
* The personal information you receive will be used only for the purpose related to the operation of KSSK.

《Items to be included in the application email》

(1) Participant's name

(2) Name of university

(3) Department/Job title

(4) Subcommittee of your choice (in the case of A or C, please include the necessary information)

(5) Assignments, opinions, etc. of the university (*used as materials for subcommittees)

(6) Desire to participate in information exchange meetings

(7) Consideration for disabilities, etc. (if necessary)

(8) Other notices (if necessary)


◆Application period: July 1 (Fri) ~ August 15 (Mon), 2016 (Deadline as soon as capacity is reached)

◆Organizer: University Consortium Kyoto

【Secretariat (Inquiries and Applications)】
University Consortium Kyoto Student Exchange Division Contact: ChikudaTEL:075-353-9189 FAX:075-353-9101
E-mail: kssk-jimukyoku-ml■consortium.or.jp (*Please change the ■
part to @ and send)