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【Report】The 16th Kansai Conference on Support for Students with Disabilities (KSSK)

The 16th Kansai Roundtable Meeting for Students with Disabilities Support Staff

 On March 3, the Kansai Student Support Staff with Disabilities (KSSK) meeting was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto, with the aim of exchanging people involved in disability support work at universities in Kansai.
For this 16th meeting, we invited people from Wakayama University and Ryukoku University, which have established support systems for students with disabilities over the past few years, to provide information on the current situation and issues in the field. In addition, the subcommittees were divided into two groups each on the three themes of "Support Practices," "Career Support," and "Support System (Guidelines, etc.)," and opinions were exchanged in small groups on how to support students with disabilities.

Perhaps due to the impact of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities to be enforced in April 28, 70 people participated, exceeding the originally planned capacity of 60, including not only disability support staff but also education staff and career staff. Participants commented, "It was good to be able to talk about specific maintenance because there were issues in support and maintenance," and "Since it was a subcommittee meeting of universities of the same size, there were many common issues and it was very helpful," while others were aware of future issues, such as "I want to know how to support practical training" and "How should I gain the understanding of faculty and staff?"

We will continue to plan and study the meeting so that it functions as a place for various universities, departments, and persons in charge to exchange opinions and interact. The next meeting is scheduled to be held around September 2016. When the contents of the event are decided, we will inform you on the website of the University Consortium Kyoto.

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The 16th Kansai Roundtable for Support for Students with Disabilities