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The 2nd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting

The 2nd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting was held on November 13.


For the second meeting, the main theme was "Thinking about Learning Achievement," and after Ryuko Sato, a member of the Kyoto FD Planning and Research Committee of the University Consortium, gave a presentation on the topic of "learning achievement." In the individual work, participants wrote down their own subjects, the status of their university's initiatives, and their problems on worksheets, shared them within the group, and then further exchanged opinions with the whole group.

On the day of the event, 23 university faculty members and staff members participated. In the participant questionnaire after the end, 100% of the respondents answered "satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied," just like the previous first survey. Participants commented, "I was able to get hints that I can use for tomorrow's initiatives," and "I was able to learn about examples of initiatives at other universities, as well as what other universities are struggling with, and I was able to learn a lot."