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"Kyomachiya News" report has been updated!

Higher Education Event NAVI "Kyomachiya" is a portal site for higher education event information operated by the University Consortium Kyoto.

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"Kyomachiya News" report has been updated!

This time, we have updated the "Staff Report" series, in which faculty and staff members of the University Consortium Kyoto member schools give reports in a relay format. The theme is "NINJA, Foreign Language Autonomous Learning Support Office" at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.
I interviewed Kyomachiya News in July 2014, shortly after it opened, but it was reopened in September 2017 by moving the location.
Therefore, this time, we asked him to report on the current situation again.

"Staff Report" 9: Kyoto University of Foreign Studies "Foreign Language Autonomous Learning Support Office NINJA"