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【For Faculty and Staff】IR Forum 2018 (July 29)

≪Information on the expiration of capacity and waiting list≫

We had expanded the capacity from the originally planned 150 to 220 people, but since the number of applications has reached the capacity, we have closed the application.
We apologize for the inconvenience to those who were considering applying, and thank you for your patience.

* Although there are only a few people, we are accepting waitlists until July 23 (Monday).
* For those who have registered as a waitlist but could not prepare a seat,
we will send you a handout on the day after the forum.


University Consortium Kyoto will hold the "IR Forum" in collaboration with Reasek Co., Ltd.

In a severe environment where the 18-year-old population is declining and the "2018 problem" is a difficult environment, management reform is an urgent issue for each university, and many universities are implementing a wide variety of management strategies. Similarly, in education and classes, which are the cornerstones of university management, research and trial and error are being conducted at many universities on how to visualize learning outcomes and how to connect the data obtained from them to class improvements.

Therefore, at this forum, Mr. Kobayashi, Director of Recruit Institute for Advanced Studies, who serves as the editor-in-chief of "College Management" and is familiar with university management reform and educational reform in the keynote speech, will talk about how to proceed with management reform through IR in the future and how important educational reform is in it. We will introduce practical examples of management reform through the PDCA cycle based on management data, as well as specific educational improvement initiatives for issues that have become apparent through the visualization of learning outcomes. In the second half of the panel discussion, we will approach more specifics.

FY2018 IR Forum

A transforming university! Visualization of Learning Outcomes and Changing
Organization and Education from Management Data ~
Synergy and Practice of Class Improvement and Management Reform Using IR~

Date & Time
: Sunday, July 29, 2018 13:00~17:00 (Doors open 12:30) Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto, 5th floor, Lecture Room

1 Capacity: 150 people ⇒ 220 people (first-come, first-served basis)

※ Due to popularity, we have expanded the capacity.

Participation fee: Free

Target Group: Faculty and staff of universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, etc. * In particular, those who

are involved in university management, educational reform, FD / educational development, IR / inspection and
evaluation, career education, etc. Organizer: Reasek Corporation, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation University Consortium Kyoto

Program Contents:



 Population decline at 18 years old! Practical Measures for University Management Reform ~
Survival Strategy in the Age of University Selection~

 Director of Recruit Institute for Advanced Research / Editor-in-Chief
of Recruit "College Management" Hiroshi Kobayashi



of Technology

 A management system that substantiates management plans and two IRs
~Until we achieve an increase in applicants for 12 consecutive years~

 Fukuoka Institute of Technology Executive Director
Tadahiko Otani


Verification and Improvement of Educational Effectiveness of Active Learning Classes
~What was Observed from the Verification of Educational Effects by Student Type Using
the Measurement Results of Generic Skills~

 Meisei University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics Project Professor
Masaaki Hatano

  ≪Panel Discussion≫ 
Significance of Management Reform and Education Reform and What is Necessary to Realize

   Coordinator: Professor Masayuki Murakami, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Event Information Flyer


How to apply

●WEB application・・・Please apply
from the application site (external link)

●Fax application・・・Please apply using the application form of the event information leaflet.


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