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Release of Report on the 20th FD Forum

report collection data of the "20th FD Forum" held on February 28 (Sat) ~ March 1 (Sun), 2015 under the theme of "Questioning Learning Support ~What and What Should Be Done and to What Extent~" is available as a PDF file.
PDF files are available for each symposium, subcommittee, and poster session, so please download them and view them.

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■Day 1: Saturday, February 28, 2015

 Opening Remarks 
 symposium Questioning learning support ~What should be done for what purpose and to what extent~

■Day 2: Sunday, March 1, 2015
 Subcommittee 1 The Possibility of "Dialogue" in University Education
 Subcommittee 2 Rethinking Career Education! ~Now is the time to talk in real life~
 Subcommittee 3 Student FD and University Management
 Subcommittee 4 Background, Current Status, and Issues of FD for Students with Disabilities
 Subcommittee 5 Flipped classrooms to encourage students to engage in active learning
 Subcommittee 6 Realization of the "founding spirit" through in-house education
 Subcommittee 7 Challenges and Measures for English Education in Universities
 Subcommittee 8 New liberal arts education demanded by the times ~Collaboration between the teaching profession with the keywords of "utilization" and "inquiry"~
 Subcommittee 9 Creating a Community of Learning ~Learning Support and Peer Support~
Subcommittee 10 How to respond to the cloudification of knowledge and thinking
Subcommittee 11 Current Status and Issues of University-wide FD Promotion Organization
Subcommittee 12 Learning Support at Small Universities
Subcommittee 13 Devising Learning Support from University Libraries ~From the Perspective of Collaboration~
Subcommittee 14 Facing the Motivation Crisis
Poster session

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