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On November 11th (Sat), the 2017 Internship Progress Course Results Report Meeting was held.

In the “Internship Progress Course” of University Consortium Kyoto, from mid-June to the end of November, interns worked on projects presented by host companies. November 11th (Sat) was a meeting to report the results, and it was a day-long presentation by 10 projects. Some presentations included videos and devised formats, and we could see the efforts and results of working on the project. At the completion ceremony after the results report session, the coordinator faculty handed out a “completion certificate” for each project, and the 2017 “Internship Progress Course” came to an end.



 date and time  Saturday , November 11 , 2017 10 : 40-17 : 50 _ _ _

Lecture Room 1, 5th Floor, Campus Plaza Kyoto

Number of companies and organizations participating in the project
(in order of results report announcement) 

 9 companies and organizations

 Kyoto Cinema / Yumecom Co., Ltd. / Kyoto City Environmental Conservation Activities Promotion Association / Mirai Eigasha / Authorized NPO Osaka NPO Center / Wine Grocery Co., Ltd. / Day Alive Co., Ltd. / Non-Profit Organization Children’s Independent Village Warm Up School here / Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education 

  Number of students attending 32 students  from 11 universities

(Kyoto Tachibana University / Kyoto Koka Women’s University / Kyoto Sangyo University / Kyoto Women’s University / Kyoto Bunkyo University / Otani University / Doshisha Women’s University / Doshisha University / Ritsumeikan University / Ryukoku University / Bukkyo University)

 Number of Coordinator Faculty

8 people

(Ryukoku University/Kyoto Women’s University/Kyoto Seika University/Fukuchiyama Public University/Kyoto Institute of Technology/Kyoto Koka Women’s University/Kyoto Koka Women’s University Junior College/Kyoto Gakuen University)


Kyoto Cinema
~Pia Film Festival (PFF) operation support~

With the goal of increasing the number of visitors to the Pia Film Festival (PFF), we decided on the program for the PFF, created tickets, conducted promotional activities, and assisted in managing screenings at external facilities, as well as on the day of the PPT. was announced. There was also a presentation on the results of the activity results and reflection points.


Yumecom Co., Ltd.
~Senior Support Desk Service Business <Create, Disseminate, Sell>~

A project that aims to create (plan), publicize (public relations), and guide (sales) a business based on an understanding of the purpose and social needs of the senior support desk service business. Since the trainees were unable to make presentations, Ms. Sakiko Yoshida, the coordinator, presented the project activities that the trainees did.



Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kyoto City Environmental Conservation Activities Promotion Association
– Global Environment Kyoto Conference (KYOTO+20) Disseminated by University Students! ! ~

A project to push the “motivation switch” for young people, mainly university students, toward the “Global Environment Kyoto Conference 2017 (KYOTO+20)” scheduled to be held on December 10th. He presented how the survey was conducted for the project, the aggregated results, and the panel created based on the survey results.


Mirai Eigasha
~Let’s make an interesting movie and show it in a movie theater~

In the additional shooting of the movie “Gohan”, there were presentations on the experience of learning knowledge and skills at the shooting site, and in the planning of the screening, the selection of the location and the state of public relations activities. Also, on the day of the screening, more than 100 visitors came, and there was an announcement that the project was successful.



Authorized NPO Osaka NPO Center
~Creation of a web magazine with the theme of “social”~

In order to create content to let people know about the efforts of social entrepreneurs, we set the goal of creating two articles and one video. There was an announcement about reflection points and challenges in the future.


Wine Grocery Co., Ltd.
-Planning and holding wine seminars for students-

While learning about wine through work at a wine shop, this is a project to assemble the contents of wine seminars for students, and to plan and execute the seminars. Presented the difficulties in planning the contents of the seminar and creating flyers. In addition, there were presentations about work experience outside of the seminar, the situation on the day of the seminar, and the aggregate results of the questionnaire conducted at the seminar.


Day-Alive Co., Ltd.
-Website content planning that conveys the charm of Kyoto-

A project to promote the appeal of Kyoto. Based on the aggregated results of the questionnaire, the interviewee was decided, and he introduced the interviewee and the article he actually created. In addition, there were presentations about the experience and work that I learned to create a homepage.

~Auction customer base expansion project~

The goal of the project was to get the younger generation interested in antique art and auctions, and to increase the number of customers who attend auctions. He also analyzed the survey results and announced an event plan to get young people who are not interested in antiques interested.


Specified non-profit organization Kodomo Jitsuri no Sato Warm-up School Kokokara
– Connections and hopes that weave through the “Kokonatsu Festival” in Yogo

The 7th “Koko-Natsu Matsuri” is held by local residents, staff from here, and boarding students. With the theme of “Seven lights that connect hearts, color our future from here”, explanations about activities in boarding life and “Kokonatsu Festival”, introduction of events, reflection on project activities, etc. was announced.


Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education
~Teacher Training Support Seminar~

Trainees from Uji Municipal Higashiuji Junior High School
, Muko Municipal Koyo Elementary School ,
and Joyo Municipal Nishijoyo Junior High School
each made presentations. There were presentations on what they felt, what they realized, and what they thought about their internships, what they were doing during the internship, and what they actually learned from interacting with students at school.


social gathering

A social gathering was held after the results presentation. Three trainees acted as moderators, and the event was very lively with games such as self-introduction bingo and sudden interviews. It was a social gathering where I was able to interact with various people such as trainees, coordinators, and people from the host company.



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