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(Finished)【For faculty and staff】Sharing examples of initiatives Online seminar

 As part of the project to support the globalization of faculty and staff of member universities, the Kyoto International Affairs Department of the University Consortium will hold an online seminar to share examples of efforts toward internationalization of member universities.
We hope that it will be a place to share useful information during the Corona disaster.

of Case Studies of Online Study Abroad at Ritsumeikan University ~Ritsumeikan × UC Davis Global Online Study Program~

Faculty and staff of Kyoto member universities of the University Consortium *Faculty and staff
of international related departments or faculty members who are interested in the internationalization of the university

【Date & Time
】 Thursday, March 3, 2022, 10:00~12:30 (tentative)

10:05~11:00 Topic provided: Sharing
case studies of online study abroad at Ritsumeikan University ~Ritsumeikan
×UC Davis Global Online Focusing on Study Program~ Associate Professor, Department of Policy Science, College of Policy Science,
Ritsumeikan University Director of OIC Center for International Education (Deputy Director, International Affairs Department) Yusuke
Toyoda 11:05~12:00 Case Study in the Group: Study
Abroad by Japan Students 12:05~12:20 Group Presentation
12:20~12:25 Summary

Implementation method]
Online (using Zoom) from your own Internet environment  

【Number of participants】
20 *
For case study in groups, we plan to share the case studies (situation) of each school in small groups about "Japan students studying abroad". Please prepare the case (situation) to be shared by the day of the event. (You do not need to submit any materials.) We will inform you of the details such as item examples of cases (situations) to be shared.
Please make presentations, recordings, and presentations in each group by members of the group.

Please apply from this form. * The application period has ended.

【Application Deadline】
Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 12:00
* If there are many applications, a lottery will be held.
* Details such as whether or not to participate will be announced by mass e-mail by the end of February.

Consortium of Universities Kyoto International Division
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