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AY2021 Internship Recruitment for International Students (Organizer: Study Kyoto Network for International Students)

AY2021 Internship Recruitment for International Students

International Student Study Kyoto Network (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto)

Since 2016, the Kyoto Network for International Student Studies (Secretariat: Kyoto International Affairs Department, Consortium of Universities) has been implementing an internship program for international students living in the Kyoto area. We are looking for companies that can accept international students for this internship program. We are looking forward to receiving applications from Kyoto companies that are interested in hiring international students in the future.

*For details of the International Student Study Kyoto Network, please click here (https://www.studykyoto.jp/ja/aboutus/).
* Flyer for accepting companies


Purpose and features

This program aims to provide international students living in the Kyoto area with the aim of finding employment at Japan companies, to deepen their understanding of the business contents and appeal of companies in the Kyoto area through work experience, to promote their motivation to hire and find employment through mutual understanding between international students and companies, and to establish international students in the Kyoto area after employment. For host companies, there are various benefits such as revitalization of the company by accepting international students, accumulation of experience in accepting foreign employees, and PR to international students. In addition, international students can acquire the ability to find a job and play an active role in Japan by understanding the corporate culture of the Japan and how to proceed with their work.


Target companies

Companies and organizations that have their head office or office in Kyoto Prefecture (if there are a large number of applications, priority is given to small and medium-sized enterprises).

* As a general rule, about
40 companies that are headquartered in the Kyoto area and can be accepted at offices in the Kyoto area * We are waiting for applications from companies that agree with the "Appendix: Ideas that we would like the host companies to support".

* We ask that you consider accepting 1~3 international students per company. If the matching with the international student is not successful, we will not ask you to accept them unreasonably.


Eligible International Students

International Student Study Kyoto Network member schools who plan to graduate from their home school in March 2023 in principle. (Those who wish to graduate or complete in March or September 2022 are also not excluded.)

* Selection and matching will be conducted by interview.

* Includes those enrolled in vocational schools and those who have graduated or completed higher education institutions in their home countries, etc. Japanese schools.

*Participating international students will be given preliminary training on business etiquette and compliance before dispatching in addition to confirming their Japanese ability and motivation to work in Japan.

[2019 Results] Dispatched 27 international students to 17 host companies

[2020 Achievements]  Dispatch of six international students to five host companies


Working period

You will be provided with work experience opportunities during the period of mid-August 2021 ~ late September 2021.

* For details such as the actual working period, such as activities outside the status of qualification for international students, please consult with the person in charge of the temporary staffing company.


Acceptance conditions

(1) Paid internship

This is a paid internship based on a worker dispatch contract. In principle, we ask that you provide at least 80 hours of work experience opportunities.

* International students are allowed to work within the range of "permission for activities outside the status of qualification (28 hours per week)" during the class period, but can work up to 40 hours per week during the summer vacation. The summer vacation period varies depending on the school to which the international student belongs, so please consult with the coordinator.

Company burden: Dispatch fee (¥1,160/per hour), Student transportation fee (up to ¥1,000 per day) * Once the dispatched student is confirmed, a worker dispatch contract will be concluded with the program management contractor (temporary staffing company). As a result, various procedures such as social insurance are not required at the host company, and the procedures are extremely simple compared to the case where the host company directly hires them.

(2) Unpaid internship

This is an agreement-type internship program in which the host company and the International Student Study Kyoto Network Office conclude an agreement regarding internship acceptance. During the implementation period, we ask that you provide work experience opportunities for at least 3 days and within 40 hours. In addition, we also ask that employees engage in production activities for the purpose of understanding companies and occupations, and in principle, set their time for less than 30% of the entire program.

Corporate burden: In principle, there is no such expense, but please bear the expenses such as transportation expenses during the period separately.


Flow after applying for participation in host companies

After applying for participation in this program, the temporary staffing company will proceed with specific administrative procedures.

(1) Pre-registration for companies (deadline: Friday, April 30)

 ※Pre-registration is here.

(2) Registration for companies (deadline: Friday, June 4)

(3) Confirmation and decision of program contents (early ~ mid-June)

 * The secretariat will confirm the contents of paid and unpaid programs.

(4) Exchange meeting between host companies and international students

 You will be asked to answer questions from international students about their projects and the work they are responsible for. After the exchange meeting, international students submit their wishes to the secretariat of the company where they will work for the internship.

 Date: Saturday, June 19, 2021 *WEB will be held in light of the social situation

  【Science students only】Exchange meeting with international students 10:00~12:15 (tentative)

  【For all students】Exchange meeting with international students 13:30~17:00 (tentative)

(5) Selection and matching through individual interviews with international students by the secretariat (late June ~ early July)

(6) Notification of matching results to international students and companies (early July)

(7) Face-to-face visits to companies (mid~late July)

(8) Confirmation of incoming international students, various procedures (paid: temporary staffing contract, unpaid: conclusion of agreement, etc.) (late July ~ as needed)

(9) Preparatory training for participating international students (International students will participate in either Tuesday, August 10 or Wednesday, August 11)

(10) Work at the host company (August 15 (Sun) ~ September 24 (Fri))

(11) Post-training for international students (Saturday, November 6)

(12) Achievement report meeting and exchange meeting for international students and companies (Saturday, November 20)


How to apply

Please fill in the required items on the host company application form (click here) and send the electronic data of the application form as an attachment to the e-mail, or fill in the required information in the application form (click here).

When applying through the application form for host companies, please send it to the following contact information by 17:00 on Friday, April 30, 2021. If it is difficult to apply by April 30, please contact the secretariat.

* After confirming the contents, the management contractor (temporary staffing company) will contact you about whether or not to participate.


Inquiries about this project in general

International Student Study Kyoto Network Office

University Consortium Kyoto International Division (Contact: Okamoto, Kondo, Yamamoto)

TEL:075-353-9164 FAX:075-353-9101 *Reception hours: Tuesday~Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

Email:kyoto-nw◆consortium.or.jp Please change ※◆ to @.