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For college and junior college students nationwide! 23 cultural institutions offer free admission "Student Days"

Kyoto City is currently home to 38 universities and junior colleges, and is a "city of universities and students" where about 150,000 students, or about 10% of the population, study.

This time, in order to provide opportunities for students to experience the diverse cultures of Kyoto as a promotion measure in the "Kyoto City of Universities and Kyoto City of Students" formulated by Kyoto City and the University Consortium Kyoto in April 26, We invite university and junior college students from all over the country to Kyoto cultural facilities free of charge.

This fiscal year, the number of eligible facilities has been expanded to 23 (compared to 21 last year), and the leaflet introduces the highlights of the program from students who participated in internships at Kyoto City Hall for internships developed by the University Consortium Kyoto. To all students from all over Japan, please take this opportunity to visit a cultural facility in Kyoto!


Period of implementation

4 days from Friday, October 10 ~ Monday, October 13, 2014

* Otani University Museum only from October 11th (Sat) ~ 18th (Sat) (*Closed on October 13th (Mon/Holiday))
* Some facilities are closed during the exhibition period.

Target audience

Students enrolled in universities and junior colleges nationwide

How to use the

Please present your student ID at the entrance of the participating facility

※ No prior application required
※ Depending on the facility, you may not be able to enter for free, such as special exhibitions.
※ Please check the leaflet for details.

Target facilities

23 facilities *Underlined areas are facilities that newly participated this year.

Name of target facility
Kyoto City Related Facilities Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History, Kyoto Municipal Zoo, Kyoto Kaleidoscope Museum, Murin-an, Nijō Castle
Kyoto Prefecture Related Facilities Kyoto Botanical Garden, Kyoto Prefectural Ceramic Plate Masterpiece Garden, The Museum of Kyoto
Country-related facilities The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Kyoto National Museum
University-related facilities Otani University Museum, Kyoto Institute of Technology Arts and Crafts Museum, Kyoto University Museum, Ritsumeikan University Museum for International Peace, Ryukoku University Museum, Kyoto Saga University of Arts Museum, Kyoto Sangyo University (Gallery, Kamiyama Observatory), Kyoto City University of Arts (Art Museum, Research Center for Japan Traditional Music, Gallery @KCUA (Aqua)), Doshisha University Harris Science Museum Doshisha Gallery, Hanazono University Museum of History

Closed days of each facility

Name of target facility Closed during the period
Otani University Museum October 10 (Fri), 13 (Mon)
Kyoto University Museum Mon. 13 October
Kyoto Saga University of Arts Museum Sun. 12 October
Kyoto Sangyo University Gallery October 12 (Sun), 13 (Mon)
Kyoto Sangyo University Kamiyama Observatory Sun. 12 October
Research Center for Traditional Music, Kyoto City University of Arts Japan October 11 (Sat), 12 (Sun), 13 (Mon)
Doshisha University Harris Science Museum Doshisha Gallery October 12 (Sun), 13 (Mon)
Hanazono University History Museum Sun. 12 October

Publicity Materials

2014 "StudentDays" Leaflet Pdf
2014 "StudentDays" Poster Pdf

Kyoto City Information Center Address http://www.city.kyoto.lg.jp/sogo/page/0000172112.html

Contact information

Kyoto Anytime Call

TEL 075-661-3755 FAX 075-661-5855
e-mail http://www.city.kyoto.lg.jp/sogo/page/0000012821.html
※Reception hours: Open all year round 8 a.m. ~ 9 p.m.