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About the 20th Kyoto Student Festival

The 20th Kyoto Student Festival (October 9)
Introducing the outline of this festival! 

The 20th Kyoto Student Festival will be held in front of Heian Jingu, Okazaki Promenade, and Okazaki Ground.

Some of them can also be viewed on the official YouTube of the Kyoto Student Festival! Please take a look.
* The format of the event may change depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.




Opening marks the beginning of the Kyoto Student Festival Main Festival in the Jingu Road area. This year's event will be "Kaika (Parade)" and "Start! Kyo Flame Sodefure!" The ceremony will be held in three parts.



20thx Special Stage

The 20thx Special Stage is a project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Student Festival held on the main stage. It will be held in four parts: "Commemorative Unveiling Event", "Calligraphy Performance", "Kyo Flame Sodefure! Flag Performance", and "Chicago Poodle Live Music".



Kyo Flame Sodete! contest

One of the two major contents of the Kyoto Student Festival, Kyo Flame Sodefure! The contest is organized by the host teams of 11 universities in Kyoto. With the theme of "Kyoto-ness", each host team will liven up the entire venue!




Kyoto Student Music Award

One of the two major contents of the Kyoto Student Festival, the Kyoto Student Music Award is a contest for bands and orchestras by students. On the day of the festival, 14 groups that have won the professional judging from among dozens of organizations will participate. There is no doubt that you will be moved by the overwhelming sound pressure, singing voice, and performance!




National Odori Performance

Street dance, cheer dance, folk dance, yosakoi, etc., 46 groups from all over the country will perform various "odori". On the day of this festival, 12 groups will perform on the sub-stage (Okazaki Ground), and 36 groups will be posted on the official YouTube of the Kyoto Student Festival from October!



Okazaki Promenade Planning

The Okazaki Promenade Project is a project held in the Okazaki Promenade. This year, we will hold the "Family Kondate Contest" and "Company, Government, and University Booths".



Okazaki Ground Planning

The Okazaki Ground Project is a project to be implemented in the Okazaki Ground. This year's event will be divided into four parts: "Giant Festival Project", "Mosaic Photo Art", "International Project", and "Mikoshi Exhibition".




Grand Finale is "Each Project Commendation / Winning Dance Performance", "Light Concert", "Kyo Flame Sodefure! It will be held in five parts: "Special Version", "Soodori" and "Ceremony".


*For details, please see the official website of the Kyoto Student Festival.


We are looking for individual supporters

We are looking for people who will support our activities from 500 yen per unit. In order to make the Kyoto Student Festival more accessible, this year we have created original goods for the Kyoto Student Festival as individual supporter benefits. For details, please see "Individual Supporter Recruitment" from the link below. There is an application form, transfer method, and information on benefits. Thank you for your support.

Transfer destination: Japan Post Bank
Subscriber name: Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee
Individual Supporter Account number: 00930-8-318542

Click here for detailed information such as benefits!


Okazaki Ground Access

■10 minutes walk from Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line ■15
walk from Sanjo Station or Jingu Marutacho Station on the Keihan Ohto Line ■Get off at Kyoto City Bus "Okazaki Park Museum of Art Heian Jingumae" or "Okazaki Park ROHM Theater Kyoto Miyako Messe-mae"