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The 16th Kyoto Student Festival

Thank you for holding the event


On Sunday, October 7, the 16th Kyoto Student Festival was successfully closed with a great success, with many visitors.
Until just before the festival, we were worried about whether or not to hold the festival due to the typhoon,
but on the day of the festival, we were able to implement all the programs without a hitch.
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came to the festival and all those who supported us in various ways.

Outline and Report

The 16th Kyoto Student Festival


Sunday, October 7, 2018 11:00-19:00 (Illumination only 19:00~19:30)


Heian Jingu-mae / Okazaki Promenade area (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City)


The 16th Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee


Kyoto Student Festival Organizing Committee (Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry /

Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives / University Consortium Kyoto)

Special Cooperation

Heian Shrine

♦ Official Brochure                



■Total number of visitors

154,000 (*according to the executive committee survey)

■Number of participating students

Executive Committee Member

282 (25 universities, 1 junior college)

Short-term volunteer staff

176 (25 universities, 2 junior colleges)

Student MC

 13 (Kyoto 11, Osaka 1, Hyogo 1)


1,156 (12 host teams from each university)

International Student Executive Committee

 8 (Thailand 5, USA 1, Indonesia 1, Taiwan 1)




◆Contest Results

■ Kyo Flame Sodefure! National Odori Contest

– Kyo Flame Sodefure! Division (Number of participants: 14 groups)


3rd prize Kyoto University [Saikyo-mae Line]









Kyo Flame Sodefure! Sakisanka

2nd place Kyo Flame Sodefure! Odorittsu


Kyo Flame Sodefure! Saikyo-mae

●Multi-division (number of participants: 34 groups)

☆1st prize Kyoto Women's University Creative Dance Club









Kyoto Women's University Creative Dance Club

2nd place Kyoto Bunkyo University Yosakoi Wind Dragon Dance Legend


Pink Child


■Kyoto Student Music Award (Number of participants: 34 organizations, including 10 finals)


●Band Division


Makoto Tsujimoto

2nd place CONNECTION



●Free Division



2nd place Shuta Hirano


RISA and Ricky


■Kyoto Student Collection (Number of participants: 9 groups)


☆Overall Award☆

White Rains
Model Division Aile Kimura Kotose
Apparel Division Escalier Nanami Miyashita

Makeup, Hair & Makeup

WAVE Sasa Aoyama


■Hospitality Project





 ●Taste Pakutto Kyoto Grand Prix
♦ (Number of categories using bread: 5 groups)

♦ (Number of entries in the tofu category: 5 groups)

♦ (Cooking category using Kyoto vegetables: 5 groups)

Bread Division


Tofu Department  Team Huading

Kyoto Vegetable Division

 Ryubi Festival Executive Committee

■Implementation details

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   〇 Special site of this festival 〇

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  〇Looking for individual supporters〇

The Kyoto Student Festival is a festival in which industry, academia, the public, and the local community collaborate with each other to convey the charms of Kyoto and enliven Kyoto.
This activity is made possible by your warm support and cooperation.
Please join us to enliven Kyoto.
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 〇The 16th Kyoto Student Festival Pre-Event Implementation Plan〇

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List of festival project performers, cooperating organizations, and supporting companies


If you want to know more about the Kyoto Student Festival, check out this site!

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Contact us

Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee
〒600-8216 Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji Sagaru Campus Plaza Kyoto (closed on Mondays) TEL:075-353-9432 FAX:075-353-9431
E-mail:saiten15th-ml■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ and send)

Kyoto Student Festival Official Website: http://www.kyoto-gakuseisaiten.com/