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【Finished】Kyoto Student Festival Regional Revitalization Project 2nd! Keihan Railway Charter Event Train Operation! Passenger recruitment!

What is the second regional revitalization project [Kyoto Student Festival Pre-Event in Demachiyanagi]?

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 As a new regional revitalization project for this fiscal year, the Kyoto Student Festival will hold the "Kyoto Student Festival Pre-Event in Demachiyanagi" on July 9 in collaboration with Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (President Yoshifumi Kato). To get to the venue of Demachiyanagi, take the "Keihan Train Chartered Event Train" from Nakanoshima Station in Osaka. The comedian "Ginshari" and the Keihan Railway image character "Okeihan (Keiko Demachiyanagi)" will be invited as special guests, and the inside of the train will be livened up with a cappella performances by students and fashion shows.
In the area around Keihandemachiyanagi Station, which is the final stop, events that can be enjoyed by all generations will be held, such as special guest talks and stage projects such as the presentation of original creative odori of the Kyoto Student Festival, creating a lively atmosphere in the Demachiyanagi area as a whole. In addition, after the event, the executive committee will conduct a Kamogawa cleanup activity with the Kamo River Beautification Association as part of the beautification awareness activities and engage in community exchanges. On the 9th (Saturday), the Demachi summer tradition "Tanabata Night Store" will also be held from the evening, so please enjoy the summer sunset (the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee will also exhibit a craft booth).
Pre-registration is required to board the chartered event train. The executive committee is looking forward to your train ride and visit the Demachiyanagi event venue. For details, please see the outline of the event and the contents of the project below.

Outline of the event


Saturday, July 9, 2016, 11:00-17:00 (*Booth at Demachi Masugata Shopping Street "Tanabata Night Store" from 18:00


・ Inside the Keihan Train charter event train (between Nakanoshima Station ~ Demachiyanagi Station) ・Kamogawademachi area (near the right bank on the north side of Kamo Ohashi Bridge) ・ Koku no Mori (Shimogamo Shrine precincts) ・Demachi Masugata Shopping Street (*18:00~20:00 only)

Entry Fee

* However, to board the chartered event train (between Nakanoshima Station ~ Demachiyanagi Station), a fare (540 yen for adults and 270 yen for children one way) is required.


Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee


Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd. / Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.


Demachi Shopping Street Promotion Association

Kyoto Student Festival Organizing Committee (Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives / University Consortium Kyoto)


Kamo River Beautification Association


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Contents of the project



What is the Regional Revitalization Project? 

 The Executive Committee, which plans and manages the Kyoto Student Festival, brings together Kyoto students beyond the boundaries of universities and engages in daily activities with the aim of disseminating "Kyoto as a City of Students" to society in cooperation with the business community, government, local communities, and universities, leading to the revitalization of the Kyoto area, and creating new attractions.
This time, the executive committee has launched the "Regional Revitalization Project" as a new initiative, and this year we have planned pre-events in the Fushimi and Demachiyanagi areas. Through this project, we aim to revitalize the region with the power of students, and to become a festival that is more rooted in the community and loved by the people of Kyoto. The results of this initiative will be linked to the 14th Kyoto Student Festival Main Festival to be held on October 9, so please come to the venue (Heian Jingu Mae Okazaki Promenade).
The University Consortium Kyoto has set the goal of "student growth" in these daily activities, and provides support aimed at "student independence" in which students can think and act on their own, and supports them so that they can maximize what they have accumulated in the course of their activities since the establishment of the executive committee at this festival in October. For encouragement to the executive committee, please come to the venue of the Kyoto Student Festival Pre-Event in Demachiyanagi.

【Implementation Report】Click here for the state of the Regional Revitalization Project Part 1


【Kyoto Student Festival will be held on Sunday, October 9!】 】

The contents of the project will be released from time to time.


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