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Kyoto Student Festival "Kyo Flame Sodefure!" has achieved a Guinness World Record ™!

[Challenge to the world in Fushimi] Achieved a Guinness World Record ™ with "Kyo Flame Sodefure!"

The Student Executive Committee of the Kyoto Student Festival Project, which is planned and operated by students and supported by all Kyoto universities, the business community, the local community, and the government, held a grand community exchange event in cooperation with seven shopping districts in the Fushimi area and the Kyoto International Student Film Festival as a pre-event ahead of the Kyoto Student Festival Main Festival scheduled to be held in October this year.

Ten years have passed since the birth of the Kyoto Student Festival's original creative odori, "Kyo Flame Sodefure!", and the number of student dancers has exceeded 1,000 every year. So, this year, the 11th year, Kyo Flame Sodefure! The special version challenged the Guinness World Record ™ for the largest comtemporary dance, and was recognized as a winner.
This large-scale pre-event, which was planned to enliven the Kyoto region with the passion of the students, was successfully completed with a large number of visitors. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came and all those who supported us in various ways, and would like to report on the event.
* Guinness World Records ™ is a registered trademark of Guinness World Limited.

Pre-event Outline


Saturday, August 22, 2015, 10:00-19:30


Fushimi-ku , Kyoto Fushimi-Momoyama / Chushojima Area


 Kyoto International Student Film Festival
・F7 Project
Fushimi Otesuji Shopping Street/Nayamachi Shopping Street/Ryoma-dori Shopping Street/Aburakake Shotenkai/Fushimi Furoyamachi Shopping Street/Nakashiojima Yanagimachi Prosperity Association/Chushojima Prosperity Association)

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Total number of visitors

23,390 (Number of participants * according to the Executive Committee)

Number of Executive Committee Members

86 (18 universities)


・Piapia Community Support
・Mukaijima Student Center (International Students) ・Kyoto International Student PR Team (International Students)

Guinness World Records ™ Challenge


Recorded Titles

The Largest Comtemporary Dance

Number of challengers

639 (16 universities, 1 high school, 2 junior high schools, 2 groups)

Accreditation Records

616 (23 out of 639 challengers disqualified)

Records so far

554 *
A record set by the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company in Mumbai, India in May 2012.

Certification Rules

・Submit the dance choreography in advance and be approved by Guinness World Records.
・Only those who danced according to the choreography are counted as the number of records.
* It is not included in the number to the extent that it is imitating.


This project, which was the largest in the history of the Kyoto Student Festival's pre-event, was successfully completed thanks to the strong support of the seven shopping streets in the Fushimi area and everyone involved, and the students' hopeful enthusiasm and challenge ended in the best form of "Guinness World Records ™ certification".
Students engage in various exchange activities every day with the goals of "spreading the charms of Kyoto" and "revitalizing the region." We will continue to explore new initiatives with the aim of making this kind of exchange through the "Kyo Flame Sodefure!" dance the charm of "Kyoto Student City" spread to the whole world, and above all, to be an organization where the Kyoto Student Festival takes root in the community and can further revitalize the city of Kyoto.
The culmination of the Kyoto Student Festival is the main festival held every October. Please look forward to this festival, which will be even more powerful due to the success of this event!


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