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【Application closed】 【For Students】Call for Films for the 20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Competition!! (~4/28)

What is the Kyoto International Student Film Festival?

 The Kyoto International Student Film Festival is the Japan's largest international student film festival operated by the Student Executive Committee, and this is the 20th edition of the festival. Films and video works directed by students, both in Japan and overseas, are invited in a competition format, and the selected films are screened at the Kyoto International Student Film Festival (scheduled to be held in late November) to award excellent films.
Historically Japan Kyoto is a "city of movies" that still inherits the cultural heritage of the early days of cinema, and it is also a "city of universities and students" where students account for 10% of the population of Kyoto City. The purpose of this film festival is to create a place for international exchange and mutual understanding among student filmmakers and filmmakers, as well as to discover and disseminate new talent that will support the film industry in the future from among the many possibilities of students.

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Outline of the Call for Works

 We are currently accepting applications for films in competition (Live Action and Animation Divisions) for this festival. We are looking forward to receiving many exhibits.
 * For details, please check the official website and leaflet below.
 *Application for 2017 has ended. Thank you very much for your submissions.

■ Application period: March 17 (Fri)  ~ April 28 (Fri), 2017 *Must be postmarked by Japan hours
■ Application Category: Live Action Division, Animation Division
■ Item: Free
■ How to apply: After entering on the official website, apply
by media mail (BD-R and DVD-R) or by data  ■ Application Rules: (1) When applying, please select one of the following two categories.
(1) Live Action Division/(2) Animation Division
(2) Works completed on or after January 1, 2016 are eligible.
(3) The director must be a student at the time of completion.
(4) We will accept films that have not been submitted to this film festival in the past.
(5) For works that use languages other than the Japanese, please add Japanese or English subtitles
. (If you can't add subtitles, please submit a text script)
        (6) The entry fee is free.
(7) There is no limit to the number of exhibits.
(8) The age and nationality of the director are not required.
(9) There is no limit to the length of the work.

   ◆Click here for the official website of the Kyoto International Student Film Festival

【Japanese Flyer】
20th Competition Japanese Edition
【English ver.】 
20th Competition English Version

        【We are also looking for student executive committee members to run the film festival!】

About the 20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival

 Scheduled for late November 2017. As soon as the holding period and venue are decided, we will inform you on this site.

【Last year: Award-winning films of the 19th Kyoto International Student Film Festival】

Grand KingPrix for Live-action

Darling Steel

Director: Sebastian Schmidl
School: Filmacademy Vienna

Tamara's decision to divorce is changing the lives of those around her. Hans has to give up the house, and Tamara's beloved father-in-law also has to move into a nursing home. Away from the outside world, they spend their last weekend together covered in sentimentality.

Grand-Prix for Animated Film

Edmond Steel

Director: Nina Gantz
School: National Film and Television School

Edmund's desire to love others is probably too strong. He stands alone by the lake and reminisces about his life up to that point. He evokes intense memories and searches for the origin of his desires.

Final KingJury Prize Yasumi
Sakamoto Award The Final Judge, Abi Sakamoto Award

Toori Rain Steel

"Toori Rain"
Director: Makan
Inada School: Osaka University
of Arts 2015/61min/Japan

A young man who aspires to become a manga artist meets a housewife who is drawing pictures on the walls of his house. The young man began to go to see the painting every day, but she intended to erase it when it was finished. A story of just the two of them, drawn with long turns and improvisational direction.

The Final Judge, Nobuaki Doi Award

p20 I Have a Future Still

"I have a future"
Director: Rieko
Ouchi School: Hokkaido University of Education Graduate School 2016/15min/Japan

A daily anime that depicts the life of
"me". This work is just a jumble of elements. I myself am just a collection of elements. 

Final KingJury Prize Kunihiko Tomioka Award The Final Judge, Kunihiko Tomioka Award


and Television Institute of India, Pune

An 80-year-old woman is digging a well with a horse. When she starts hallucinating from thirst, a girl appears. Eventually, water gushes out from a well dug deep, greenery sprouts in the desert, and the horse's throat is watered.

Audience Award * The Grand Prix "Darling" in the live-action category also won the Audience

Darling Steel

Director: Sebastian Schmidl
School: Filmacademy Vienna

*The Audience Award will be selected from customers who viewed the works during the festival period based on a questionnaire survey.

Click here for details of last year's implementation! !!

【< Reference> Introduction of Past Selected Artists]

・Yuya Ishii's "Rebellion Jiro's Love" (2006, 9th selection) / "Weaving a Boat" (released in 2013) ・ Eihiro Fukagawa "All Strength Bombaye!" (1999, 2nd selection) / "White Night" (released in 2011) ・ Director Tatsuo Kobayashi× Aya Watanabe (screenplay)

"Boy and Town" ( 2007, 10th Grand Prix) / Country Girl (released in 2011) – Destin Daniel Cletton (co-director) "DEACON'S MONDAYS" (2007, 10th Selection, USA)

/ "Short Term" (
Japan 2014 It has won 30 film awards worldwide and has been nominated for 50 film awards.

・Patrick Vollrath's "KetchupKid"
(2014, 17th Short Grand Prix from Germany)
Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 88th Academy Awards.



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