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【Thank you for holding the event】Announcement of the award results of the 19th Kyoto International Student Film Festival! <Report on the event>

Event Report

The Kyoto International Student Film Festival, which discovers young talent who will lead the film industry of the future, was held at Kyoto Cinema from Saturday, November 26 and concluded on Friday, December 2.
The 19th Film Festival Competition (Live-Action and Animation Divisions) received 539 entries from 43 countries and regions, the highest in the history of the festival, and 16 films carefully selected by the Student Executive Committee were screened at the festival.
At the award ceremony on Friday 2nd, the winning directors and the final judges, Yasumi Sakamoto, Nobuaki Doi, and Kunihiko Tomioka were invited as guests to announce the Grand Prix, Final Jury Prize, and Audience Award in the Live Action and Animation Categories.
The award-winning works are as follows: I hope that this film festival will be an opportunity for young directors to play an even more active role in the future.
We would like to express our gratitude and gratitude once again for the successful completion of all the programs of the film festival, as well as those who came to the festival and those who supported and cooperated with us.

Outline of the event

Would you like to ■Program Screening2016/11/26(Sat)~12/1(Thu)16:45~21:20(*26th~21:30)■Award Ceremony/Grand Prix Screening
/Talk Show
December 2, 2016 (Fri)

Venue Kyoto Cinema (COCON Karasuma 3F)
Hosted Consortium of Universities Kyoto
Planning and Operation 19th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee
Operational support Kyoto International Student Film Festival Planning Committee

Programs held 

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Results of Submission

We received 539 entries from 43 countries and regions. Thank you very much for your submissions.

19th Kyoto International Studies Film Festival Competition Entry guidelines are here.

  Domestic Overseas Meter
FY2016 167 372 539
FY2015 123 94 217
FY2014 163 187. 350
FY2013 212 145 357
FY2012 235 127 362


Competition Section Results

Grand-Prix for Live-action Film

Darling Steel
directed by Sebastian Schmidl
School: Filmacademy Vienna

Tamara's decision to divorce is changing the lives of those around her. Hans has to give up the house, and Tamara's beloved father-in-law also has to move into a nursing home. Away from the outside world, they spend their last weekend together covered in sentimentality.


Grand-Prix for Animated Film

Edmond Steel
Director: Nina Gantz
School : National Film and Television School

Edmund's desire to love others is probably too strong. He stands alone by the lake and reminisces about his life up to that point. He evokes intense memories and searches for the origin of his desires.


Final KingJury Prize
Yasumi Sakamoto Award The Final Judge, Abi Sakamoto Award

Toori Rain Steel
"Toori Rain" 
Director: Masami Inada
School: Osaka University of Arts

A young man who aspires to become a manga artist meets a housewife who is drawing pictures on the walls of his house. The young man began to go to see the painting every day, but she intended to erase it when it was finished. A story of just the two of them, drawn with long turns and improvisational direction.


The Final Judge, Nobuaki Doi Award

I have a future Steel
"I have a future"

Director: Rieko Ouchi
School : Hokkaido University of Education Graduate School

A daily anime that depicts the life of "me". This work is just a jumble of elements. I myself am just a collection of elements.

 Final KingJury Prize
Kunihiko Tomioka Award The Final Judge, Kunihiko Tomioka Award

and Television Institute of India, Pune

An 80-year-old woman is digging a well with a horse. When she starts hallucinating from thirst, a girl appears. Eventually, water gushes out from a well dug deep, greenery sprouts in the desert, and the horse's throat is watered.

Audience Award

The Grand Prix "Darling" in the live-action category also won the Audience Award!
Darling Steel


Director: Sebastian Schmidl
School: Filmacademy Vienna

*The Audience Award will be selected from a questionnaire from customers who viewed the works during the festival.

・Other Selected Works

category Name of the work Director Name of University Year of production, length, country
Live 『America』 Aleksandra Terpińska University of Silesia – Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television 2015/30min
『Under the Sun』 QIU Yang Victorian College of the Arts, School of Film and Television 2015/19min
『The guilt, probably』 Michael Labarca The School of Audio-Visual Media, University of Los Andes 2016/14min
"Tiger Hole ni Irazumba" Sadato Takenaka Osaka University of Arts 2016/65min
『Sweeper’s Pride』 Matthias Koßmehl Hamburg Media School 2015/7min
『The Road』 Tsevelmaa Densmaa Mongolian State University of Arts & Culture 2016/13min
animation "Heel of Love" Maruka Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School 2016/10min
『The Noise of Licking』 Nadja Andrasev Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design 2016/9min
『FEED』 Eri Okazaki Tama Art University 2016/7min
『Pokey Pokey』 Junjie “Jake” Zhang University of Southern California 2015/6min
"To the Stories" Mio Yamanaka Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School 2016/6min

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