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【For High School Teachers】Call for Participants for the 6th Kyoto High School Teachers Exchange Meeting on Thursday, August 6

 The Kyoto High School Teachers' Exchange Meeting is a place where people can share ideas and concerns about school and homeroom management, class improvement, etc., and interact with each other to solve them, regardless of the school or the person who established it.

The 6th meeting will be held as follows.

 In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, some schools have started online classes, but few schools are offering interactive remote classes. Active learning (hereinafter referred to as "AL") recommended for introduction in the new Course of Study. It is difficult to realize this in online classes, and the development of such a method is desired.
Therefore, in a limited ICT environment, we will share how to realize AL as well as one-sided transfer of knowledge by utilizing online.
In addition, we will organize the differences between the academic ability that can only be acquired by online AL and the academic ability that can only be acquired by face-to-face AL, and will be an opportunity to explore tips on how to use online classes and face-to-face classes according to your purpose.

 We know that it will be a busy time, but we look forward to your active participation. Also, I would appreciate it if you could talk to the teachers you know.

※The 6th Kyoto High School Teacher Exchange Meeting Flyer [Download]

On Thursday, August 6, 2020 18:00~20:00 (Reception 17:45~)
Place Online (Zoom Meeting)
Theme "Practice of Active Learning Using Online"
Coordinator Moeko Hosoo (Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
Lecturer Ichiro Higashi (Principal Teacher, Kyoto Municipal Dojima Arts and Crafts High School)

18:00~18:10 Opening Remarks and Explanation
18:10~18:25 Self-introduction, sharing
of practical examples and tasks 18:25~18:45 Short lecture
from the lecturer 18:45~18:55 Q&A session for short lectures 18:55~19:05 Break
19:05~19:25 Countermeasure planning
19:25~19:45 Presentation of countermeasures for each group and Q&A session

19:45~19:50 Comments
from the lecturer 19:50~20:00 Closing Remarks

* Some contents are subject to change depending on the number of applicants.
Attendance fee Free
Target High School Teachers
*However, those who can participate in group work by setting video and audio to ON are eligible.
Quorum First 25 people
Future events We plan to change the theme and hold it about once every 2~3 months. This year, we plan to hold the event online until the novel coronavirus infection is over.

How to apply

 Please apply by the method (1) or (2) below after filling in the necessary items (including pre-assignments).
* Pre-assignments will be distributed to applicants in advance and used for group work on the day.
* Applicants will be notified of their Zoom meeting ID and password around 16:00 on the day of the meeting.

(1) WEB application

 Please use the application form at the following URL.

(2) E-mail/fax application

 Please download the following application form (1st page: application form, 2nd page: pre-assignment) and send it to the Kyoto Office of the University Consortium by e-mail or fax.

 ◆The 6th Kyoto High School Teacher Exchange Meeting Application Form【Download

FAX: 075-353-9101 E-mail:
kodai■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ and send it)

【Please note】

* Please let us know the email address registered when you logged in to Zoom in to the e-mail address for participation.
* Using Zoom's breakout room function, we will divide into groups in advance.
* If you do not have a Zoom account, please create one in advance.

Deadline for application

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto, Education Development Division, High
School-University Collaboration Project Tel: 075-353-9153 FAX: 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)