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【Report】Kyoto High School Teachers' Exchange Meeting Emergency Special Program (Online Pre-Event)

 As each school is required to close schools and respond to online classes due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we held a Kyoto High School Teacher Exchange Meeting as an emergency special project (online pre-project) to respond to this unprecedented emergency situation that has never been experienced.
This time, under the theme of "Online Information Exchange Meeting on New Students' Motivation and Learning Motivation Due to School Closures," the participants focused on maintaining the motivation of new students who were closed immediately after entering the school in April and how to deal with their mental health.
Since this was the first attempt to hold the event online, this time we mainly publicized the information to each high school from those who had participated in the Kyoto High School Teachers' Exchange Meeting in the past and the secretariat of the Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kyoto City Board of Education, and Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Private Junior and Senior High Schools), but 59 people, including high schools in Kyoto Prefecture, participated.

 The details of this exchange meeting are as follows. In addition, we have compiled the contents of this exchange meeting and posted an implementation report, so please refer to it.

* The "Kyoto High School Teachers' Exchange Meeting" is a place where people can exchange ideas and concerns about school and homeroom management, class improvement, etc., regardless of school or installer, and share their thoughts on solving problems.


On Thursday, May 14, 2020 18:00~20:00
How to hold Online (Zoom Meeting)
Theme "Online information exchange meeting on new students' motivation and learning motivation due to school closures"
Content  Due to the closure of schools to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is a concern that students' motivation to learn will decrease. In particular, new students are expected to have difficulty maintaining motivation after attending school a few times before being closed or switching to online classes, and they cannot build relationships with friends and seniors. Although there are many issues such as academic ability and daily life, this time it is important to consider new students, and it will be a place for specialized exchanges on maintaining motivation and dealing with mental aspects.
In addition, the use of Zoom meetings will be an opportunity to experience online exchange.
Chair Takayuki Shiose (Associate Professor, Kyoto University)
Lecturer Ken Sugiura (Professor, Department of Teacher Education, University) Ms. Eika Yamamoto (CTI Certified Professional Coactive Coach/Systems Coach)
Configuration 18:00~18:10 Opening Remarks and Explanation
of the Purpose 18:10~18:20 Self-introduction (group work through breakout session)
18:20~18:30 Sharing
the current situation and recognition of issues recruited in advance 18:30 ~18:50 Lecturer 18:50~19:00 Break
:00~19:20 Countermeasure planning (group work through breakout sessions)
19:20~19:50 Feedback
from the instructor on group ideas 19:50~20:00 Closing Remarks

Implementation Report

 The following PDF summarizes the opinions expressed by the lecturers and participants at the time of this exchange meeting.

◆Kyoto High School Teachers' Exchange Meeting Emergency Special Program (Online Pre-Event) Summary

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