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Kyoto FD Executive School

Globalization and University Education Reform
~Perspectives for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Reform~

Saturday, June 29, 2013 11:20~12:20
Kyoto Tower Hotel 9F Tobiunma
Executive faculty and staff of consortium member universities and junior colleges
University Consortium Kyoto
YoshitakeAfter graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyushu University, he joined Shin Japan Steel Co., Ltd., where he was mainly involved in management and organizational reform for a long time.
In 2003, he became a professor at the Department of Social Engineering at the University of Tsukuba (member of the Planning and Research Office), a special assistant to the president in 2004, a board member and vice president in 2006, and a current position since 2009.
Currently, he serves as an auditor of Ochanomizu University, a member of the Tokyo Gakugei University Management Council and visiting professor, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Independent Administrative Agency Evaluation Committee Public University Corporation Subcommittee, a specialist lecturer at the National Police Academy, and a director of Otemon Gakuin Educational Corporation. Since 2005, he has been serializing "Strengthening Universities ~ University Management Reform" in Recruit's "College Management". He specializes in business management, corporate governance, and university management.
In promoting "systematic improvement of university education," the role of the university executive, including the president, will be indispensable. The University Consortium Kyoto has been conducting FD training for university executives since fiscal 2010.
This year, Professor Hiromichi Yoshitake, Director of the University of Tsukuba University Research Center, who is serializing "Strengthening Universities ~University Management Reform~" in Recruit's "College Management," will give a talk titled "Globalization and University Education Reform ~ Perspectives for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Reform."

Globalization is emphasized at the Council for the Revitalization of Education, but the situation seems to vary greatly from university to university. I would like to talk about how to understand globalization, how to link it to educational reforms suitable for individual universities, and how management reforms should be carried out to make these reforms truly effective, including from the perspective of IR.

Implementation Report

The University Consortium Kyoto held the "2013 Kyoto FD Executive School" on Saturday, June 29.


We welcomed 41 participants, mainly from the presidents of the 50 member universities and other members of the university executive committee, and Dr. Hiromichi Yoshitake of the University of Tsukuba gave a lecture titled "Globalization and University Education Reform ~Perspectives for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Reform~". Based on various cases, discussions and proposals were presented on how to understand globalization, which is currently a hot topic, how to link it to educational reforms suitable for individual universities, and how management reforms should be made to make these reforms truly effective.
Although the lecture was given in a limited time after the general meeting of the consortium, the participants listened very attentively.

In the post-survey from the participants, "It was very helpful to learn about the concept of globalization, the chaos of governance and management, and the ideal framework between corporations and universities." We received comments such as:

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