Outline of the event

Part 1: Keywords that Support Educational Management ~What is the role of the PDCA cycle? ~

Date & Time: Friday, November 15, 2013, 18:00~20:00
Venue: Ikebo Junior College Senshinkan 6F Conference Room
1 Faculty and staff involved in FD at Kyoto member universities, junior colleges, and institutions

Session 2: Keywords that Support Educational Management ~Support for Educational Management through Dialogue Realized by Collaboration between Teachers~

Date & Time: Monday, December 9, 2013, 18:00~20:00
Venue: Ikebo Junior College Seishinkan 6F Conference Room
1 Faculty and staff involved in FD at the University Consortium Kyoto member universities, junior colleges, and institutions

Session 3: Conditions for Realizing Effective Teaching and Learning Management ~Thinking from the Perspectives of Both Teachers and Staff~

Date & Time: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 13:00~17:00
Venue: Campus Plaza 5F Lecture Room
1 Orientation University faculty and general public interested in FD
University Consortium Kyoto
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<Part 1>
Time Contents
18:00~20:00 【Topic Provision, Q&A, Group Work: How to Create a Plan】
Takashi Yasuoka (Professor, Ritsumeikan University Educational Development Promotion Organization)
The state in which educational management is smoothly implemented is when an organization sets clear achievement goals, evaluation indicators, and evaluation criteria, conducts work (education) while always being aware of these goals, and evaluates results according to evaluation indicators and standards, which is generally called the PDCA cycle.
In the first Kyoto FDer Juku this year, we will explain how to set the four goals to be determined in the PDCA cycle plan, action goals, evaluation indicators, and evaluation criteria, and review the ideal form of our organization.
<Part 2>
Time Contents
13:00~18:00 【Topics, Q&A, Group Work】
Kenji Mino (Professor, Special Assistant to the President of Kyoto Sangyo University) Hiroshi Mori (Director, President's Office, Kyoto Sangyo University)
At Kyoto Sangyo University, faculty and staff members of the Educational Development Support Center regularly visit the executive offices of each faculty in collaboration with each faculty to communicate and promote understanding of the policies of the university executives, listen to the requests of the faculty, and provide feedback to the executive department. We will ask them to provide examples of how they started this middle-up and down initiative, which is called "around the faculty," their awareness of the issues, the knowledge gained through the initiative, and future issues, and discuss the issues and solutions of how to communicate between executives and the field in their own organization.
<Part 3>
Time Contents
13:00~18:00 【Keynote Speech】
Designated Discussant: Naoto Kobayashi (Professor, Director of Education Planning Office, Ehime University) 【Case Study Presentations of Member Schools】 Yuji Okazaki (Professor, Director of Bukkyo University Education Promotion Organization) Nami Yoshikawa (Education Promotion Division, Bukkyo University Education Promotion Department) Yutaka Yoneyama (Dean and Professor, Ritsumeikan University) Shuji Yamamoto (Administrative Director, Ritsumeikan University)

【Panel Discussion】

In recent years, the importance of "educational management" that organically connects various educational initiatives and resources in promoting university reform has been attracting attention.
We will reaffirm the "meaning" and "role" of the question of "educational management" in current university education, and discuss how to build an effective educational management system based on case studies of university consortium Kyoto member schools, taking into account regional characteristics, scale, and form of establishment.

Implementation Report

<The 1st >
-University Consortium Kyoto held "The 1st Kyoto FDer Juku in 2013: Keywords Supporting Educational Management ~What Role Does the PDCA Cycle?~" was held on Tuesday, November 15.

Despite being held on a weekday evening, we welcomed 12 participants, and after Professor Takashi Yasuoka of Ritsumeikan University provided a topic, we divided into three tables and did group work.


In the group work, work using logic trees was held under the theme of "Writing ability development based on DP (Diploma Policy)," and discussions were held on how to set the four goals to be determined in the PDCA cycle Plan, action targets, evaluation indicators, and evaluation criteria.

<2nd >
The University Consortium Kyoto held the 2nd Kyoto FDer Juku "Keywords Supporting Educational Management ~Keywords Supporting Educational Management ~Support for Educational Management through Dialogue Realized through Collaboration between Teachers~" on Monday, December 9, 2013.

On the day of the event, 13 participants were welcomed, and after presentations by Dr. Kenji Mino (Special Assistant to the President and Professor of the Faculty of Law) and Mr. Hiroshi Mori (Director of the President's Office) of Kyoto Sangyo University, group work was held at three tables.


In the topic offering, he introduced practical examples of the "Opinion Exchange Meeting with Departments" (commonly known as "Around the Departments") of the Research and Development Center for Educational Support at Kyoto Sangyo University, and talked about the reasons and background of starting the Undergraduate Tour, the achievements and issues, and the motivation and growth of the staff who are working on it.

In the group work, participants were divided into three groups and discussed "Current Status and Issues of Intra-University Collaboration" and "Current Issues of Teacher-Professional Collaboration."

Each group commented, "It is important for faculty and staff not to work alone, but to work together while fully communicating with each other while recognizing each other's roles," and "Even in the problems to be tackled by faculty and profession collaboration, it is necessary to set specific issues and goals, and each faculty member and staff member needs to set specific action goals necessary to achieve them and work together." Opinions such as these were expressed.

<The 3rd Kyoto Consortium of > Universities held "The 3rd Kyoto FDer Juku in 2013: Conditions for Realizing Effective Teaching and Learning Management ~Thinking from the Perspectives of
Both Faculty and Staff~" on Saturday, January 25.
Seventy-nine participants were invited to Campus Plaza Kyoto, and after a keynote speech by Dr. Naoto Kobayashi, Director of the Education Development Office at Ehime University, about the background of the current focus on "educational management" and examples of specific initiatives, case reports on educational reforms currently being worked on by two consortium member schools were given. First, Dr. Yuji Okazaki, Director of the Institute for the Promotion of Education, and Mr. Nami Yoshikawa of the Education Promotion Division, Education Promotion Department, from Bukkyo University, and then Dr. Yutaka Yoneyama, Dean of the Faculty of Education, and Mr. Shuji Yamamoto, Director of the Educational Affairs Department, from Ritsumeikan University talked about the aims and future challenges of the educational reforms being undertaken at their respective universities.


In the second half, a panel discussion was moderated by Professor Yuzuki Hirayama of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, a member of the FD Training Planning WG of the University Consortium Kyoto. Questions were asked from the floor in advance, and questions were answered and supplemented to the lectures and reports, and lively discussions were held.

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