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Outline of the event


Making the most of practical knowledge

This year's SD Forum, now in its 11th year, will focus on the theme of "Utilizing Practical Knowledge" and will lead to the improvement of the abilities of university staff through keynote speeches and subcommittees on "Practical Knowledge" in various fields. We aim to utilize the results obtained from this forum for team management and human resource development at each university and junior college in the future.


The 11th SD Forum

Sunday, October 20, 2013 10:00~17:30
Campus Plaza Kyoto
University and junior college faculty and staff
University Consortium Kyoto
Overview of the 11th SD Forum 【Click here for details】
Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme: How to learn from experience ~The process of acquiring practical knowledge~
Lecturer: Mutsumi Matsuo (Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hokkaido University)
Breakout Session
【Subcommittee A】
Theme: Hints for Autonomous Human Resource Development ~Kyoto Hanagai, Learning
from Maiko's Practical Knowledge Presenter: Kumiko Nishio (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kyoto Women's University)
【Subcommittee B】
Theme: Creating a participatory place ~ Learning
from practical knowledge of workshops Presenter: Mr. Tamio Nakano (Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University, Workshop Planning Producer)
【Subcommittee C】
Theme: Coordination and Management Through daily on-site experience ~ Learning
from the practical knowledge of secretaries Presenter: Mutsumi Ido (Chief Officer, Coordination and Secretarial Group, President's Office, Osaka Prefecture University)
【Subcommittee D】
Theme: Creating a place for staff to connect ~ Learning
from practical knowledge of voluntary study groups centered on young staff Presenter: Masaki Nakahara (General Affairs Department, Kyoto Sangyo University)
【Subcommittee E】
Theme: To make the present shine brightly in the organization ~ Learning
from the practical knowledge of tamanoi vinegar Presenter: Eri Terasawa (Manager of President's Office, Tamanoi Vinegar Co., Ltd.)
【Subcommittee F】
Theme: Autonomy and self-awareness to embody individual ideas ~ Learning
from the practical knowledge of Mirai Kogyo Presenter: Mr. Makoto Sakamoto (General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Mirai Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
Information exchange meeting
Held a standing buffet style information exchange meeting

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