【For University Faculty and Staff】2024 SD Joint Training Program
Applications are now being accepted for the “Situation of Higher Education for University Staff (Basics)”.

*In principle, this lecture will have the same training content as the one at the start of the 2023 academic year.

Education policy is showing a movement to question the very nature of universities. Looking back, the revision of the standards for establishing universities in April last year was unprecedentedly broad, and universities were busy responding to them. What is happening in the current situation surrounding higher education? How did this happen? What about the past? By understanding these things correctly, we may be able to see the future or find hints.
In this lecture, I would like to decipher the situation surrounding higher education and changes in educational policy, and make it a place to look ahead to tomorrow and create the future. We hope that everyone who has taken this lecture will be able to play an active role as a leader in university reform after returning to their home universities.

【Lecturer】 Yusuke Okada
Ryukoku University, Admissions Department, High School-University Collaboration Promotion Office, Office Manager
【Date & Time】 Wednesday, July 3, 2024 13:00~16:30
【Venue】 Campus Plaza Kyoto or online (observation only)
Target: All faculty and staff (anyone can participate, regardless of length of service)
【Participation Fee】 University Consortium Kyoto member schools: 1,000 yen (4,000 yen for those other than those listed on the left)
* We will send you an invoice.
[Capacity] On-site participation: 30 people / Online participation (observers only): 50 people
*Online participants will not be doing group work. Thank you for your understanding.
Application deadline: Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 5:00 p.m.
【Training Summary】 State of Higher Education for University Staff (Basics)
Organizer: University Consortium Kyoto