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"SD Guidebook 2023" has been released!

The SD Guidebook was created for those who have just started working as university staff members with the aim of raising their awareness of working in higher education by making them interested in SD (Staff Development), which refers to efforts to develop the skills of university staff. We hope that it will help the university staff who will be responsible for the future management of the university to develop their skills.
You can download the PDF file, so please make use of it.

Ⅰ. What is
SD? II..Functional
Skills Required of University Staff III..SD Project
of the Consortium of Universities Kyoto IV..SD-related Programs in Japan
V..Distinctive training systems at member schools
VI. Sources of information on higher education and national policy trends
VII..Major periodicals and SD-related books on higher education

Publisher: Consortium of Universities Kyoto SD Training Committee
* The next edition is scheduled to be published in 2025.

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