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2016 SD Seminar "Open Presentation for Students" will be held!

Since fiscal 2015, the University Consortium Kyoto has been holding SD seminars with the aim of developing professional staff who will be responsible for the next generation of university management at each university and junior college, mainly at member schools.
In fiscal 2016, we welcomed 22 students from 12 member schools and 3 students from 3 non-member schools.
After 7 lectures, we will hold an "Open Presentation for Students", so we are accepting those who wish to visit.
Anyone can visit, and you can enter and leave the room on the way.
Please see "About Application" below for how to apply and the application deadline.

◆2016 SD Seminar【Click here for details】

2016 SD Seminar "Open Presentation for Students"

Date & Time: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 9:30~17:30
*Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall

Program Schedule *Start and end times are approximate. Subject to change depending on progress.               

Order Start time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Theme
9:30~9:40 Explanation from the secretariat
1 9:40 Ryukoku University Enhancement of high school-university connections
2 9:55 Kyoto Women's University Women's Colleges in 2030
3 10:10 Shiga University of Medical Science Revitalization of University Administration Organizations ―Focusing on National University Corporations―
4 10:25 Kyoto Seimo Jogakuin Junior College Elementary and Secondary Education Linked to Universities and Society
5 10:40 University of Shiga Prefecture Promotion
of Collaboration between the Teaching Profession ~Focusing on Communication Methods Useful for Intercultural Collaboration~
6 10:55 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Think about a vibrant organization
11:10~11:25 Small break (15 minutes)
7 11:25
Kyoto University of Art and Design What kind of university staff are required: From the perspective of career support?
8 11:40 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies The Role of University Staff in Enhancing Students' Motivation to Learn
How to Support Through Academic Advising-
Nine. 11:55 Kyoto University of Art and Design Creating an Environment to Motivate University Staff
10 12:10 Fukuchiyama Public University What is required of local university staff
11 12:25 Hanazono University A Study on Small Universities
12 12:40 Ryukoku University Faculty Management to Enhance the Competitiveness of Faculties
~New Role Division and Collaboration between Faculty and Staff~
12:55~13:50 Lunch break (55 minutes)
Thirteen. 13:50 Kyoto Sangyo University Future of High School-University Collaboration
Fourteen. 14:05 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Student Support
Fifteen. 14:20 Kyoto Women's University Regional Cooperation Using e-Learning
Sixteen. 14:35 Bukkyo University Challenges and Countermeasures for SD Introduction in Universities
Yao-yeon 14:50 Kyoto Gakuen University Structural Issues
of University Organizations in the Formulation of Admissions Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Private Universities in Kyoto
Eighteen. 15:05 Kyoto Women's University Creating an Organization to Revitalize Universities: The Role and Mission of University Staff
Nineteen. 15:20 Ryukoku University Development of Regionally-Oriented Global Human Resources by Large-Scale Comprehensive Universities
15:35~15:50 Small break (15 minutes)
20 15:50 Hiroshima Institute of Technology A Study on the Introduction of Teacher Evaluation
21. 16:05 Ryukoku University New Roles of University Staff
22 16:20 Kyoto Women's University The raison d'être of women's universities
23 16:35 Otani University Universities Should Aim for High School-University Connections
24 16:50 Otani University Systematization of outcome-based curriculum and visualization of outcomes
25 17:05 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Coexistence and Co-prosperity of Followership and Leadership -Individual characteristics⇔ collective potential⇔ and organizational development-
 17:20~17:30 Closing Remarks

About application

Application deadline: Friday, September 2, 2016
How to
apply: Please download the application form, enter the necessary information, and

apply by e-mail attachment to SD■consortium.or.jp.      
(Please change ■ to @ and send it)
Participation application form [Download from here] Reception has ended

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