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2015 SD Seminar Open Presentation will be held!

Since 2015, Consortium Kyoto has been holding SD seminars with the aim of developing professional staff who will be responsible for the management of the next generation of universities and junior colleges, mainly at member schools.
The program, which started with 21 students from 11 member schools and 4 students from 3 non-member schools, completed a total of 7 lectures in July, leaving only "Open Presentations and Certificate Issuance Ceremonies for Students". Public presentations are open to all.
Please see "About Application" below for how to apply.

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2015 SD Seminar Student Open Presentation and Certificate Issuance Ceremony

Date & Time: Saturday, September 12, 2015, 9:30~17:50 *Entry and exit are possible
: Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall

Program Schedule *Start and end times are approximate. Subject to change depending on progress.
Order Start time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Theme
9:30~9:40 Explanation from the secretariat
1 9:40 Doshisha Women's University About high school-university connection
2 9:55 Hiroshima Institute of Technology A Study on the Learning of University Staff
3 10:10 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University A Study on Risk Management in Universities
4 10:25 Kyoto Sangyo University A Study on Follow-up with Faculty and Staff in Contact with Students with Disabilities
5 10:40 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University What are the IR activities that can be practiced at a college?
6 10:55 University of Shiga Prefecture The Form of "Community Cooperation" Required of Universities and the Role of University Staff
11:10~11:25 Small break (15 minutes)
7 11:25 Kyoto University of Education Participation of University Staff in Education
8 11:40 University Consortium Kyoto First-Year
Education and Career Education in Bachelor's Education ~Its Essence and Organizational Structure~
Nine. 11:55 Bukkyo University The Ideal Faculty Evaluation System in University Organizations
10 12:10 Kyoto University of Art and Design Creating an Environment for the Development of University Staff Who Will Lead the Next Generation
11 12:25 Kyoto University of Art and Design What kind of leaders are required and what university staff should be?
12 12:40 St. Andrew's University About the image of university staff who support the development of St. Andrew's University
12:55~14:05 Lunch break (70 minutes)
Thirteen. 14:05 Doshisha Women's University A Study on the Role of Universities and University Organizations that Can Fulfill Social Responsibilities Required by Society
Fourteen. 14:20 Doshisha Women's University Utilizing the "All-Participatory" Medium- to Long-Term Plan for the Development of University Staff
Fifteen. 14:35 Otani University Establishment of Scholarship at Otani University
Sixteen. 14:50 Kyoto Bunkyo University The image of university staff in the future
Yao-yeon 15:05 Otani University What is "confidence"? -Lies and truths hidden in confidence-
Eighteen. 15:20 Ryukoku University Promoting
Reform of University Governance: Enhancing the System for Assisting the President
Nineteen. 15:35 Bukkyo University Required Roles of University Staff
15:50~16:05 Small break (15 minutes)
20 16:05 Bukkyo University Aiming to
be a university that walks together with the community as a "base of land (knowledge)" ~What university staff can do~
21. 16:20 Kyoto Women's University The Role of Administrative Staff as Management and Operation Staff
22 16:35 University Consortium Kyoto Students and their learning
inside and outside the university ~Effective guidance to nurture the skills required by society~
23 16:50 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Operation of Evaluation System for Human Resource Development
24 17:05 Kyoto Bunkyo University An Attempt to Study the State of Universities Based on the "Theory of Endogenous Development"
25 17:20 University of Shiga Prefecture Internationalization of Universities: A Study on Acceptance of International Students and Establishment of a System
17:35~17:50 Closing Ceremony (15 minutes)

About application

Application deadline: Friday, September 4, 2015 How to apply: Please
download the application form,
the necessary information, and attach an email to SD■consortium.or.jp (please change ■ to @ and send it).
Application form【Download from here】Registration has ended.


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