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The 1st "SD Workshop Training 2014" was held!

On Saturday, June 21, we invited Ms. Atsuko Nagai, Executive Director of the Yukawa Institute for Yukawa Physics, Kyoto University, as a topic provider, and held the first "SD Workshop Training 2014" workshop titled "Thinking about the asset of 'time' ~For work to be one of the blessings~", which was attended by a total of 13 people from various universities.

"Think about the asset of time. ~Work is one of my favorite things.
●Schedule of the day
, provision of topics
, Q&A, exchange of opinions
, icebreaker (arm wrestling tournament),
group discussion divided into 3 groups
, presentation

by participants In terms of topics, the workload of university staff is increasing year by year and the work environment is becoming more severe due to the increasing expectations for universities due to changes in social conditions in recent years, but in a few years, due to the aging society, working hours will be restricted due to parental care. He introduced the prediction that the number of staff in their 30s ~ 40s will increase. As the number of employees with diverse work styles, such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care and work balance, increases, he talked about the importance of creating an environment in which each employee can efficiently engage in work with limited working hours after understanding each other's situation, and maintaining a high level of motivation, increasing productivity, and "sparing" work time.

In the group discussion, each group received a topic and summarized their opinions on the conditions for a busy time at work.
In the summary, the participants themselves searched for a way to turn "painful time" into "meager time", and as a result, they were given the task of thinking about the position of the "meager work time" in their own lives (life). "In my daily work, I have no time and mental space, and I am trapped in a vicious cycle." and "I want to work efficiently." Participants who were aware of the issues, such as "I want to make my daily life more fulfilling," said, "I was able to exchange opinions with people from various universities." "I was able to spend a fulfilling and useful time." and "I want to connect today's story to my future work." We received positive comments such as:

The 1st "SD Workshop Training 2014
" "Think about the asset of "time" ~For work to be one of the blessings~" [Click here for details]

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