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Heisei 26 Gakumachi collaboration project Gakumachi NEWS!

Introducing the activities of the Heisei 26 academic town collaboration project adopted organizations.

Sixteen organizations were selected for this project this year. Since the certification, each organization has been cooperating with local residents and carrying out various activities in various parts of Kyoto City. We will inform you of the introduction of these initiatives and information on the holding of the project.

The Gakumachi collaboration project will be introduced on TV! !!

This time, the efforts of the Gakumachi collaboration project will be introduced in the Kyoto City Administration Special Program of Kyoto Broadcasting System (KBS Kyoto).

This year's theme is Gather the power of citizens! "Community development by the citizens of Kyoto".
In Kyoto City, urban development activities that make use of Kyoto's unique "regional power" and "citizen power" are being carried out in various places in order to realize a city full of charm.
As one of these initiatives, the "Learning Town Collaboration Project" will be taken up, and not only the contents of the project but also the activities of some of the business organizations selected this year will be introduced.

Not only those involved, but also those who are considering applying for next year, those who are a little worried,
etc., the broadcast is as follows. Please take a look.

KBS KyotoMachiko and TV
3/28 (Sat) 19:00~19:30

≪KBS Kyoto 3/28 (Sat) Program Guide ≫


We will hold a 26 certified business report meeting and a 27 business recruitment briefing session! !!

There are only a few activities left for this year. As for the activities of each business organization, we have been disseminating information individually and supporting the activities of 16 organizations, including encouraged projects, and as a culmination of these efforts, we will hold a debriefing session where each organization will look back on their activities so far and present the results of their efforts!

Why don't you find new possibilities for collaboration between the university and the community and hints for regional revitalization from the reports of accredited projects by students?

On the day of the event, in addition to holding a recruitment briefing session for the next fiscal year at the same time, a one-day limited opening of the Gakumachi Exchange Cafe (opinion exchange meeting and exchange meeting) will be held as a place to openly discuss the learning gained from the Gakumachi collaboration project.

Anyone can participate from any time, so please come and visit us.


Date & Time: Sunday
, March 29, 2015 10:00~17:15Venue
: Campus Plaza Kyoto
5F Lecture Room 1 / 2F Hall
Schedule: 【PDF Link】

※Click here for details↓


Otomodachi Great Strategy! ~Music workshop from 0 years old~ (Niconico Family Concert Executive Committee by Kyoto University of the Arts student volunteers)

We would like to introduce the latest information of the group "Niconico Family Concert Executive Committee by Kyoto University of Arts Student Volunteers" launched by current students and graduates of Kyoto City University of Arts.

This year, the "Niconico Family Concert Executive Committee of Kyoto University of the Arts Student Volunteers" centered on Friendly House Nishihachijo in Shimogyo-ku has created a place where parents and children can relax and connect with each other, such as concerts for parents and children, workshops on making musical instruments and songs, and workshops using toy instruments.

As the culmination of this project, a research presentation will be held on Sunday, March 15 at 13:00 ~ Hachijo Kindergarten Hall (http://www.hachijo.ed.jp/).

On the day of the event, there is not only a report on activities, but also a corner where you can actually experience the workshops that have been held so far. Admission is free, and only some participants are welcome, so please feel free to participate.

150315 Kyoto City Geiwaku Waku Family Concert Chart  150315 Kyoto City Geiwaku Waku Family Concert


Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2015

This year, "Kyoto's sento has a charm hidden that has not yet been seen…!", and in Kyoto, the capital of history and culture, the Kyoto Sento Art Festival Executive Committee planned a new sento was born.

In fiscal 2014, during the period of September 27 (Sat.) ~ October 26 (Sun.), 2014, we will exhibit works by various artists at eight public baths in Kita-ku and Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, and hold many events and workshops titled "Boiling Conference" to connect the many public baths in Kyoto and the power of artists by creating and exhibiting works that match the characteristics of each sento. The number of bathers increased and exchanged.
(*Please refer to here for activities in FY2014⇒Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2014 report material)

Next year, the venue will be moved to public baths in Nakagyo-ku, Sakyo-ku, and Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, and the "Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2015" will be held in order to pursue and disseminate the relationship and possibilities between art and sento. This time, in addition to the eight public baths, a room in Horikawa Danchi, one of the venues for "PARASOPHIA: Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Art 2015" to be held at the same time, is being renovated and a new attempt is being planned.

The exhibition period and venue are as follows.

<Period> Saturday, April 18, 2015 ~ Sunday, May 17
, 2015 *Closed and business hours vary depending on each public bath. 
< Venue>

Nakagyo-ku, Sakyo-ku, Higashiyama-ku SentoBathing in the town
Nakagyo-ku / Tamanoyu, Nishikiyu Sakyo-ku / Shinonome-yu, Higashiyamayu Onsen, Heian-yu Higashiyama-ku / Shinshi-yu, Daikoku-yu (Yamashiro-cho), Asahiyu-Horikawa

Danchi (Kamichocho Danchi)
< bathing fee> Each public bath is 430 yen for adults, 150 yen for elementary school students, and 60 yen
for children under elementary school * You can appreciate the works only with the bathing fee.

The Kyoto Sento Art Festival Executive Committee has already been recruiting exhibiting artists and volunteer staff since January 23.

If you would like to check the situation of this year and new information for next year, please check from the following URL.

"Kyoto Sento Art Festival"


Eco Shika Cooking (Kyo ✿ Shika Meets)

We have received new information from Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College Department of Life Design "Kyo✿Shikameets", which aims to protect forests and reduce crop damage in the Keihoku area of Ukyo Ward.

Various activities have been held at "Kyo✿ Shikameets" in the past, but this time the project will be an environmental seminar and a cooking class.

At the environmental seminar, we will invite female hunter Shikatori to consider environmental issues under the theme of "Deer Harm in Miyama Town and Efforts to Address Deer Damage."

In addition, at the cooking class, we will invite Mr. Hayashi, the representative of "Aideer Cooking Class", a venison cooking researcher, to actually cook using venison. This time's menu is a healthy and delicious recipe using venison and vegetables, "Momo Teriyaki Burger" and "Deer Tsumire Soup".

Why don't you learn about the current situation of the damage that only becomes more serious, and by actually cooking and eating venison, you can feel close to venison and think about environmental issues?

If you are interested in environmental issues or venison, please join us.

Eco Cooking

Date & Time: Sunday, January 18, 2015 14:00~16:00
Venue: Kyoto Koka Women's University Building No. 6, 1F, Food Training Room 2
Application : Advance registration is required.
(Deadline: Friday, January 9)
The application form can be downloaded from here              

. →【Application Form PDF】

Please click here for details such as introduction of "Kyo ✿ Shikameets" so far and information.
Kyoto Koka Women's University HP Blog:http://www.koka.ac.jp/manabooo/category/year2014/shika2014/


Chukyo Town Development Free Paper "Machibito Coming."

The efforts of the learning town collaboration project were introduced in Vol. 9 (issued in November 2014) of the public relations newspaper "Machibito Come," which contains the activities of Machibito (Machibito), which is working to revitalize the town of Chukyo, and the Kyoto Sanjo Women's University Koka Sanjo Girls, one of the organizations selected this year, is working on the "Kyoto Sanjo-kai Shopping Street Terakoya Project" We would like to inform you about the efforts of the

The Koka Sanjo Girls are introduced as they have created "Terakoya" as an activity base in the Sanjo-kai shopping street, and students and children work together to make big art to decorate the arcade of the shopping street, read picture books, and hold various events according to the season.

"Machibito Come" is distributed free of charge at cooperating stores and facilities in Nakagyo Ward, Nakagyo Ward Office, City Administration Information Center, Chukyo Youth Activity Center, etc., and can also be downloaded from the Nakagyo Ward Office website.
Please take a look.

Machibito is coming. _Vol9

Nakagyo Ward Office HP
[Public Relations Material] Regarding the publication of the Chukyo Town Development Free Paper "Machibito Coming"
No. 9


Fushimi / Fukakusa Community Archives

We would like to introduce the information of "Fukakusa Machiya Cinema" to be held at Ryukoku University Fukakusa Machiya Campus in collaboration with the Fushimi / Fukakusa Community Archive Project and the Machiya Cinema Project (Fushimi Ward Residents' Project).

The Fushimi-Fukakusa Community Archive Project has focused on local materials (deteriorating 8mm film) that record the townscape and life of the Showa period from the perspective of the city as a valuable local resource, and has been working to collect films in the Fukakusa area of Fushimi Ward. The selected films submitted by local residents will be digitized and will be released for the eighth time.

   141218_8th Fukakusa Machiya Cinema

141216 Town


On the day of the event, we will look back on the "Showa Era Life and Times" of Fushimi Ward residents, and use it as an opportunity for local residents and students to interact through film viewing, and to form a local community.

Why don't you enjoy chatting with local people along with valuable local resources?
If you are interested, please join us.


Symbiosis Project between Local Communities and Universities

We would like to introduce the report of the "Symbiosis Project between the Community and the University" that the student group of Kyoto College of Economics is developing.

In the "Symbiosis Project between Local Communities and Universities," the community and the university (students) collaborate on ongoing initiatives aimed at creating a place for the elderly to belong and creating connections between people.

One of them is that every Friday, we hold a "dinner party" with the residents of Rakusai New Town, where the aging population progresses, and students participate in the event and interact with local residents.

141031 Learning Town 1141031 Learning Town 3

In addition, we hold "Chinese language courses" taught by international students and "Waku Waku Salon Seminars" once every two months to create a "system" to solve various issues associated with the aging population.

141031 Learning Town 2141031 Learning Town 4

At the 7th Waku Waku Salon Seminar held on Saturday, October 18, members were in charge of preparing and cleaning up the venue, as well as the reception desk and moderator of the seminar, and many local residents commented that it was a very fun seminar.

141031 Learning Town 5141031 Learning Town 6



141031 Town



Female college students' thoughts on promoting venison (Kyo ✿ Shikameets)

Students from the Department of Life Design at Kyoto Koka Women's University have gathered to receive new information on "Kyo✿Shikameets", which promotes venison dishes with the aim of protecting forests and reducing crop damage in the Keihoku area of Ukyo Ward.

At "Kyo✿Shikameets", while holding study sessions on environmental issues and on-site inspections, activities are centered on recipe development in preparation for opening stores in various places mainly in Ukyo Ward.

On Sunday, September 14, at the Kita-Umetsu Keiro Welfare Fureai Festival held at Kyoto Municipal Umezu Elementary School, "Shikacchi Egg," which has been commercialized through repeated prototypes, was sold. In addition, it has been decided that they will participate in the Ukyo Ward Citizens' Fureai Festival 2014 to be held on Saturday, October 25, and there will be an introduction of activity panels and a trapping game using deer antlers. If you are interested in venison, please join us!
141007 Shikachi Egg

Please click here for details such as introduction of "Kyo ✿ Shikameets" so far and information.
Kyoto Koka Women's University HP Blog:http://www.koka.ac.jp/manabooo/294/


Arashiyama Art Project 2014 "Arashiyama, I tried to jack."

We would like to introduce the latest information of the "Arashiyama Art Project" planned mainly by students of the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Art, Kyoto Saga University of the Arts.

For 10 days from September 13th (Sat.) ~ 23rd (Tue.), the "Arashiyama Art Project" was held to jack the Keifuku Electric Railway, commonly known as "Arashiden," and decorate Arashiyama Station and the inside of the train with works of art created by students, making it look like a museum.
In addition, for a limited time, various initiatives were held, such as a croquis event modeled on visitors and an exhibition of a museum train decorated with works of Japan and Western paintings, and by allowing visitors to feel free to touch art, it was a project that expressed that Arashiyama in Kyoto is a place that nurtures not only tradition and history, but also cutting-edge culture and art.

The situation of the day is also posted on the websites of the university and the Kyoto Shimbun, so please take a look.
●Kyoto Saga University of the Arts

●Kyoto Shimbun
Arashiyama Art Project


"Kyomachiya Nanasai Community" × "Miyako Light"

On Saturday, September 6, Ryukoku University student group "Kyomachiya Nanasai Community" and "Miyako Light", which are the organizations that have adopted this year's academic town collaboration project, collaborated and participated in an event held at Ryukoku University's Fukakusa Machiya Campus.

This project was realized after two organizations that were certified projects last year met at last year's report meeting and deepened exchanges thereafter.

Despite the heavy rain on the day, many parents and children visited the haunted house to enjoy it. Participants carry lanterns that they designed and created themselves and explore townhouses in search of ghosts hidden in the dark. It was fun from the participants! Would definitely visit again! We received many comments such as.

In addition, at the venue, there will be a photo exhibition by "Miyako Light" and "Let's illuminate the townhouse with wonderful things in the town! Various projects were held, such as setting up a corner where participants could ask about wonderful places, people, shops, things, etc. in your town.

By holding this project, "Kyomachi and Shichisai Community" will be an opportunity to further deepen the connection with the local community about the community farm business, which is the main initiative, and "Miyako Light" will be an opportunity to learn about the activities of "Miyako Light" in the future, which will be held on November 7, 8, and 9, and future efforts are expected!

Gakumachi NEWS140924-1Gakumachi NEWS140924-2Gakumachi NEWS140924-6Gakumachi NEWS140924-10Gakumachi NEWS140924-5Gakumachi NEWS140924-4Gakumachi NEWS140924-3Gakumachi NEWS140924-9Gakumachi NEWS140924-8Gakumachi NEWS140924-7

140924-2 Machiko
Click here for details on the past and future activities of "Kyomachiya Shichisai Community" and "Miyako Light"!
→ "Kyomachiya Nanasai Community" http://f-machiya.jimdo.com/
→ "Miyako Light"http://miyako-light.anewal.net/


Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2014

We would like to introduce the latest information on the "Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2014" planned by the Kyoto Sento Art Festival Executive Committee, which consists of students from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Ritsumeikan University, and Doshisha University.

The Kyoto Sento Art Festival is held with the aim of revitalizing sento by connecting the many public baths in Kyoto and the power of artists, and the sento, artists, and the art festival executive committee work together to create works that match the characteristics of each sento, and these works will be used as an opportunity to increase the number of people who enter the bathhouse and interact with them.

During the period of September 27th (Sat) ~ October 26th (Sun), in addition to the exhibition of works, symposiums and workshops will be held. Why don't you participate in an event, take a bath, or go to a public bath?


For details of the Kyoto Sento Art Festival 2014, please click here.


Kyoto University of Art and Design Modern Industrial Heritage Art Revitalization Project "Maka-dori VIII."

On Saturday, August 30, we participated in an event organized by Maka-dori, an organization in which the student project team of Kyoto University of Art and Design is active. This time, at Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine in Higashiyama Ward, there was a festival called "Zhongli Festival".

Here, 24 new statues made in the June workshop were laid out, and an exorcism ceremony was held along with the deity of Zhongli Shrine.
And then, the highlight of the year! A dance called "Zhongli Mai", which expresses the battle between Zhongli and a sick demon, was performed in front of the main shrine.

 P1170877 P1170902

 P1170932 P1170882  Tri

 P1170909 P1170921

After the festival, many local participants said, "I hope to see you again next year," and received their own Zhongli from the students and took them home.

This is the 10th year of Maka-dori's activities. The accumulation of activities so far has borne fruit, and the students are working hard every day to further connect and take root with the students and the community.

140830 Town

Click here for details on the past and future activities of the Kyoto University of Art and Design Modern Industrial Heritage Art Revitalization Project "Maka-dori VIII"!


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