HOME » On Tuesday, March 17, we will hold the "Future Kyoto Creative Research Project Achievement Report Meeting and Exchange Meeting"! 【※Finished】

On Tuesday, March 17, we will hold the "Future Kyoto Creative Research Project Achievement Report Meeting and Exchange Meeting"! 【※Finished】

 In order to create policies for the creation of the future of Kyoto by utilizing the accumulation of "knowledge" of "Kyoto City of Universities", we will hold a report meeting and exchange meeting on the results of the "Kyoto Creative Research Project for the Future", which is conducting surveys and research in cooperation with university researchers and departments in charge of Kyoto City!
In addition to widely disseminating the results of the six surveys and research adopted in FY26, the purpose is to promote exchanges between researchers beyond the boundaries of universities and laboratories, and exchanges between researchers and citizens, students, administrative staff, etc.
By seeing how the latest research results are being used in the community, you will surely have the opportunity to be stimulated by your own research and learning, and to get hints for improving the region. Please join us!

Recommended for people like this

who want to conduct surveys and research that can utilize the results for the benefit of the community ・Citizens and businesses
who are engaged in activities to improve the community ・Students who learn about
public policy, etc. ・I want to make Kyoto a comfortable city to live in! Administrative
staff who are full of enthusiasm ・ Those
who are interested in the relationship between the university and the community ・ Everyone who loves to learn

Overview of the 26th Achievement Report Meeting and Exchange Meeting

Click here for leaflets for the achievement report meeting and exchange meeting

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015 17:00~21:00
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 4F Lecture Room 3 / 2F Conference Rooms 2 and 3
(Shiokoji-sagaru, Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
[Access] 5-minute walk from Kyoto Municipal Subway, JR, and Kintetsu Kyoto Station
Flow of the day < Achievement Report Meeting: 17:00~20:00
> in Lecture Room 3 on the 4th floor 26 Achievement Report Meeting
* Researchers will report on each survey and research by PowerPoint, etc.
25 minutes per report (including questions and turns)

< exchange meeting: 20:00~21:00 in Conference Rooms 2 and 3 on the 2nd floor >
20:00 ~ 21:00
*Students will be divided into groups for each survey and research theme and freely exchange opinions.
Quorum 170 people > < achievement report meeting (no application required, first-come, first-served basis
) < 70 people > exchange meeting (application required) First come, first served)
How to apply If you would like to participate in the meetup, please apply by e-mail or phone to the following contact information by Thursday, March 12.
E-mail address: mirainokyoto■consortium.or.jp
(Please change ■ to @ and send)
Tel: 075-708-5803
Attendance fee Free

Timetable for reporting on survey and research results (1 minute for each preparation, 20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A)

Scheduled time

Principal Investigator

Surveys and Research Themes


Kazuhiko Ishihara
(Professor, Faculty of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University)


Analysis of Employment Trends of International Students After University Graduation and Research on Support Measures at Local Governments, Companies, and Universities


Tetsuya Masaki
(Doctoral Student, Kyoto Institute of Technology)


Spatial Composition and Transition in Municipal Housing in the Suburbs of Kyoto City and Surrounding Residential Areas


Shozo Shibata
(Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)


Effects of Residential Garden Environment and Its Decline on Biota in Kyoto City


Hideki Sugioka
(Lecturer, Faculty of Public Policy, Kyoto Prefectural University)


Research on next-generation citizen collaboration policy using "Future Center" in Kyoto City


Akihiro Saiki
(Professor, Faculty of Law, Doshisha University)
Research on the protection, management, use, and utilization of personal information associated with the introduction of the My Number system


Masanobu Nishimura
(Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology)


Empirical research on the development of merchants and citizens and the formation of networks by creating opportunities for exchange

Click here for an overview of each survey and research theme (Research News vol.2)

Networking event

Based on the results of each survey and research theme, researchers and citizens, businesses, students, administrative staff, etc. will be divided into categories and will be able to freely exchange opinions.
(Snacks will be prepared.) )

Inquiries and applications

Consortium of Universities Kyoto Think Tank Project
TEL 075-708-5803 FAX 075-353-9101
E-mail mirainokyoto■consortium.or.jp
(Please change ■ to @ and send)
〒600-8216 Campus
Plaza Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto * Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)