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【For Students】Publication of Credit Transfer Courses for AY 2023

A credit transfer system that allows students to take courses from other universities. Credit transfer courses for the 2023 academic year can be searched on the "Credit Transfer / Kyoto College Portal Site".

There are more than 340 courses offered by each university. In addition to subjects related to culture, art, history, and natural sciences, you can choose from a variety of subjects based on nine themes, including courses for studying Kyoto.

Credit-transfer courses include on-campus (classes taken at the university where the course is held), online and at Campus Plaza Kyoto (in front of Kyoto Ekimae). Courses taught in English are also offered as credit transfer courses.

Please take advantage of the credit transfer system as a great opportunity to learn things that you cannot learn at your home university.

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if you want to know more about the credit transfer system New!! Credit Transfer System Digital Pamphlet https://tg-kyoto.consortium. or.jp/storage/special/miyako2023/book/index.html#target/page_no=1

 Digital pamphlets can be pasted with sticky notes and written notes!
Student interviews have been enhanced, all credit-transfer courses have been made available to the public, increasing the volume compared to last year.
On the map of university locations, click on a mark or university name to display a sorted list of courses offered. You can read it on both your computer and smartphone. Please take advantage of it.

 Credit Transfer Special Website https://consortiumkyoto-tanigokan.jp/
Kyoto World Heritage PBL Courses Special Site https://consortiumkyoto-tanigokan.jp/worldheritage/
Kyoto Museum PBL Courses Special Site https://consortiumkyoto-tanigokan.jp/museum/ 

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the 2023 credit transfer course search and course registration Credit Transfer / Kyoto College Portal Site https://tg-kyoto.consortium. or.jp/
Note: Depending on the university, the course registration method, application period, and maximum number of credits may differ. Must be your university
    Please check with the credit transfer desk (Academic Affairs Division, Faculty Office, etc.).
Contact: University Consortium Kyoto, Education Division, Credit Transfer
TEL:075-353-9120(Tuesday~Saturday 9:00~17:00)・ E-MAIL:tg@consortium.or.jp