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Applications for the 19th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum are now open! (7/20~9/30)

Overview of the business

In order to contribute to the development of higher education, we exchange information on the efforts of each university consortium and research results.

Outline of the event


Aiming for the Enrichment of Higher Education and the Development of Local Communities
~Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of University Consortiums~

of the tournament
The reconstruction of higher education and contributions to local communities through industry-academia-government collaboration as indicated in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Grand Design for Higher Education toward 2040" are the very themes that "Gakuen City Hachioji" has been working on for about half a century. As universities and other institutions return to the city center and a new campus image accompanying the shift to online due to the coronavirus pandemic is being considered, we would like to review the characteristics of "suburban campuses" that are different from "urban campuses" and the value of "university consortiums," and make this a place for people nationwide to think about the direction that the projects implemented by the university consortium should aim for and the means to achieve them.

Would you like to

Saturday, October 15, 2022 10:45~19:00, Sunday , October 16, 2022 10:00~12:00


Tokyo Tama Mirai Messe (Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Industrial Exchange Center
) (3-19-2 Myojin-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo) *6-minute walk from JR Hachioji Station

Attendance fee

Participation fee: (General) 4,000 yen / (Students) Free Information exchange meeting: (General) (Students) Both free
* Those who wish to collect reports will need 1,000 yen separately

Co sponsored by

National University Consortium Council, University Consortium Hachioji


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science
and Technology, Association of National Universities, Association of Public Universities, Association of Japan Private Universities, Association of Japan Private Universities, Japan Association of Public Junior Colleges, Association of Japan Private Junior Colleges, National Governors' Association, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi
Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan Keizai Shimbun, Kyodo News, Tokyo Shimbun
Hachioji City, Hachioji City Gakuen City Cultural Fureai Foundation
, Hachioji Tourism Convention Association, Hachioji Textile Industry Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Television Co., Ltd., Jcom Tokyo Corporation Hachioji Hino Bureau


Please click here for the schedule of Day 1 <Saturday, October 15> Day 2 <Sunday, October 16>


For details, please see the special website or leaflet.

Special site (Click the image below to go to the special site)

The 19th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum Leaflet

Day 1 (Room C・D on the 1st floor)

Opening Ceremony ⏰12:30-13:00
"Sanban" by Hachioji car doll (Nishikawa Koyanagiza)
Opening Remarks 13:00-13:15 ⏰
Hikaru Kurosaka (Representative Secretary, National University Consortium Association)
Shinichiro Ito (Chairman, University Consortium Hachioji)
Takashi Ishimori (Mayor of Hachioji City)
Keynote Speech ⏰13:15-14:15
"Regional Sustainability and the Future of Universities" Hiromichi Yoshitake (President, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin, Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba)
Outline: After describing how important sustainable regional development is for the future of Japan and what is necessary for that purpose, I would like to confirm that the essence of a university is to "develop education and research from an international perspective while rooted in the community," and to that end, I would like to think together with the participants about what the university should do and how it should be.
⏰Break 14:15-15:30
⏰Stage 15:30-15:45
Collaboration between car dolls and students
Outline:From the "Student "KOTEN" Performing Arts Hachioji Car Puppet Experience Course" conducted by the Hachioji City Gakuen City Cultural Fureai Foundation, a collaborative performance of car puppets will be performed to a short song freely created by the students.
Educational Administrative Report ⏰15:45-16:15
"Trends in Higher Education Policy" Kazuyuki Furuta (Director, University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Outline: I would like to report on recent trends in higher education policy in Japan.
⏰Symposium 16:15-17:45
"Community Contribution and Education by the University Consortium Hachioji ~Current Situation and Future of "Marugoto Campus Hachioji"~"
Outline:Based on the keynote speech, opinions will be expressed and discussed on the ideal state of universities and the development of university cities in the Hachioji region from the standpoints of industry, academia, and the public sector.
Yasuyuki Furumoto (Professor, Department of Tourism Exchange and Culture, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyorin University)
Tomoyuki Furuse (Representative Director, Cosmo Keiki Co., Ltd.)
Akira Sugihara (Director of Kogakuin University, General Planning Department)
Hiromichi Yoshitake (President, Tokyo Kasei College, Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba)
Motoyoko Kiuchi (Deputy Mayor of Hachioji City)
Kazuyuki Furuta (Director, University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Masamitsu Mochizuki (Deputy Director, Center for Regional and Industry-Academia Collaboration, Soka University)
⏰Conclusion 17:45-17:50
Masamitsu Mochizuki (Deputy Director, Center for Regional and Industry-Academia Collaboration, Soka University)
Information exchange meeting ⏰18:00-19:00
You can exchange information with consortium officials from all over the country. Please join us.
*Meals are not provided.
Greetings: Mr. Takashi Ishimori (Mayor of Hachioji City)
Greetings: Kazuyuki Hizume (President, Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium)
⏰Opening Remarks 19:00
Greetings: Yuji Kawano (Representative Secretary, National Association of University Consortiums)

Day 1 (Room B on the 1st floor)

Poster Session ⏰10:45-15:30
In the poster session, advanced case studies and activities of consortium organizations nationwide will be introduced. We are also planning to exhibit from companies. Please use it as a place to collect practical initiatives and various information.
・Core Time (1) (10:45-11:45) ・Core Time (2) (14:45-15:30) Mini Presentation (14:15-14:45)

Each group will introduce themselves for about 1 minute at the poster session venue.



Day 2 

Venue Breakout Session ⏰10:00-12:00

Room C on the 1st floor

Subcommittee 1 "Trials and Issues for Human Resource Development for Regional Revitalization"
(Contact: Academic, Cultural and Industrial Network Tama)
"Regional revitalization" is being tackled by the public and private sectors. But the results remain generally poor. I wonder why. One of the most important strategies for creating regional attractiveness is "human resource development," but it is necessary to thoroughly examine whether it is being realized. Including the items discussed by the Keidanren subcommittee, we will consider the possibilities and challenges of a business plan that makes full use of people, goods, money, and IT that takes advantage of the strengths of industry-academia-government collaboration pioneering at Network Tama.
" Industry-Academia Collaboration in Tama" Tsutomu Usui (President, Keisei Technos Co., Ltd.)
" Revitalize the community with Tachikawa Citizens' Department!" – Mr. Kunihiko Komachi (Former Superintendent of Education of Tachikawa City
) "Practical Knowledge and University Education: The Entire Community Campus" Masato Masuda (Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Hosei University)
Sukehiro Hosono (Executive Director, Tama Academic, Cultural and Industrial Network, Professor Emeritus, Chuo University)

Room D on the 1st floor

Subcommittee 2 "Promotion of Diversity at Higher Education Institutions" (in charge: Higher Education Consortium Mie)
For three years from the first fiscal year of Reiwa, we took the opportunity of a project commission from Mie Prefecture to plan classes and open lectures on diversity, and worked to spread the idea of promoting diversity throughout the prefecture. Teachers from a consortium that encompasses a variety of school types and faculties took up a variety of themes. In addition to reviewing the project, we will consider how inter-university collaboration should be in the university consortium and how to develop business results.
and Coordinator " Report on Diversity Promotion Activities of the Consortium of
Higher Education Mie" Mr. Mitsugu Tanaka (Regional Revitalization Promotion Coordinator, Consortium for Higher Education Mie)
" Initiatives and Education on LGBT and Other Diversity at Universities"
Kobayashi Keitaro (Vice President, Yokkaichi University, Professor, Faculty of Policy Management)
" Diversity in Early Childhood Education"
Yoshiaki Tamura (Assistant to the President and Associate Professor, Ohashi Gakuen Humanitek Junior College)

Conference Room 1

Session 3
"Disseminating the Charm of Hachioji through Industry-Academia-Public Collaboration ~From the Business Results of the University Consortium Hachioji~" (Contact: University Consortium Hachioji
We will introduce the "charm of Hachioji" from the perspective of students, based on management data, etc., multiple industry-academia-public collaboration events (student presentations, student planning project subsidies, CM contests) and initiatives by the Hachioji City Gakuen City Culture Division with students as the main actors that have been held for many years. Through these cases, we will consider and discuss the ideal form of industry-academia-public collaboration centered on students and students' awareness of the university area.
"Industry-Academia Collaboration and the Charm
of Hachioji Seen in Student Presentations" Hideaki Kawashima (Associate Professor, Department of International Business, Soka Women's Junior College
) "The charm of Hachioji as seen in the Hachioji Student CM Contest"
Yumi Awano (Professor, Department of Design, Department of Design, Tokyo Zokei University)
"The Role of
Hachioji City Culture Division" Erika Ochiai (Hachioji City Civic Activity Promotion Department, Gakuen Urban Culture Division
) Coordinator
Mitsuru Iwata (University Consortium Hachioji Secretary General)

Room B on the 1st floor

Session 4
"Community Development through Community Collaboration Activities ~Toward the Revitalization of Kyoto, a City of Universities and Students~"
In Kyoto, through collaborative projects between universities and students with various local communities, students can learn and grow in ways that cannot be obtained on campus, and we are working to revitalize Kyoto as a whole by solving the issues faced by the community. This subcommittee will introduce initiatives, ways of thinking, and practical examples from universities, students, governments, university consortiums, and various standpoints, and provide an opportunity to think about their roles and prospects.
Presenter and Coordinator
" Regional Collaboration through Inter-University Collaboration by
University Consortium" Susumu Koizumi (Deputy Secretary General, University Consortium Kyoto
) Presenter
"' Fun!' continues, community development for university students"
Masayuki Ota (Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Tachibana University)
"Regional Collaboration Activities from the Perspective of Local Governments"
Masanori Nakakoji (Director, University Policy Division, Policy Office, Kyoto City Planning Bureau
) Student Learning through Community Collaboration Activities
Kiyotaka Akazawa (Associate Professor, Department of Community Design, Faculty of Sociology, Otani University)

About application

If you would like to participate in the 19th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum, please apply from here.

Application period: July 20, 2022 (Wed) 10:00 ~ September 30, 2022 (Fri) 23:59 *Extended

Please see here for a request to everyone participating in forum

Step 1 Apply from the WEB

Please register your email address from the "Apply" button above. Access the "Application Form" URL sent to your registered email address, follow the instructions on the screen, and receive the "Application Completion Email".

Step 2 Payment

After completing the application procedure in Step 1, you will receive a payment slip (invoice) to your registered information by mail. Please pay the participation fee at the convenience store on time.

* The payment fee will be used for various preparations such as printing costs, web system operation costs, communication costs, etc. Please note that refunds cannot be received for any reason.
* For convenience stores that can be handled, please see the back of the enclosed payment slip (invoice).
* Payment cannot be made at financial institutions such as banks and Japan Post Bank.
* Those who have not completed the application procedure and payment in Step 1 will not be able to participate.

Payment date: Until 24:00 on Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Step 3 Receive invitation email

When the application is completed (payment is completed), please receive the "Participation Certificate" sent to the registered email address.
If you do not receive the email after Thursday, October 13, please contact the council secretariat.

Step 4 On the day of the forum

On the day of the forum, please present your "Participation Certificate" (printed copy or mobile phone reception screen) at the reception.


* If you do not set the cookies of your browser to "Enabled", you may not be able to apply.
* If you do not receive the "Participation Application Form" notification email, there is a possibility that you may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please re-enter and resubmit using the "E-mail Address Confirmation Form".
* Please note that you cannot change the subcommittee after completing the application procedure.
* Those who have not completed the application procedure will not be able to participate.
*Keynote speakers, symposists, coordinators, and subcommittee presenters do not need to apply.

Implementation Report

Scheduled to be published in early November

Contact information

Secretariat of the National Association
of University Consortiums (University Consortium Kyoto) TEL 075-353-9100 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
* Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)