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【Event Report】The 18th Japan University Consortium Research Exchange Forum

This year marks the 18th edition of the National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum, which aims to exchange information on the efforts and research results of each university consortium in order to contribute to the development of higher education.
This year's event was held entirely online (Zoom) for the first time under the main theme of "Rethinking and Revitalizing University Consortiums ~What Possibilities Can University Consortiums Open Up in the New Normal Era~".
As in the previous fiscal year, 476 university faculty members, educators, and others from all over Japan participated in the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, and through keynote speeches and case reports and opinion exchanges at subcommittees, it was a place to exchange information on the ideal state of the "consortium of universities" once again.

【Part 1】 Keynote Speech, "Rethinking and Revitalizing University Management through Management Reform," was given by Mr. Toshimitsu Oishi (President of Osaka Electro-Communication University).


【Part 1】 At the symposium "The Current Status of Industry, Government, and Academia Collaborative Initiatives and What is Required in the Future," following the keynote speeches, Mr. Toshimitsu Oishi (President and President, Osaka Electro-Communication University), Mr. Masami Yada (Manager, Planning Office, Osaka Prefectural Policy Planning Department), and Mr. Junichi Higashi (Manager, Life Science and Sports Industry Promotion Division, Industry Department, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry) took the stage. (Coordinator: Takahiro Hisashi (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University))


In the online presentation of the [Poster Session], 10 member organizations of the National Association of University Consortium made presentations. Many questions and impressions were raised by the participants about the efforts of each consortium organization, and there were scenes where exhibitors and participants actively interacted.


【Subcommittee】Topics include "Verification of FD and SD Projects in University Consortiums and Toward the Future ~Considering FD and SD Required in the Future in University Reform~" (Subcommittee 1: Minami Osaka Regional University Consortium, a specified non-profit organization) and "Internships from the University Consortium ~Case Study of Kyoto~" (Subcommittee 2: in charge of the University Consortium Kyoto), "Career Education as Seen from 10 Years from Now ~Connecting New Educational Practices in the Corona Disaster to the Future~" (Subcommittee 3: In charge of the University Consortium Osaka), Reconsideration of the Activities and Organization of University Consortiums ~Considering the Ideal Way of Better Collaboration and Organizational Forms for the Development of Universities and Regions in the New Normal Era~ Held four subcommittees dealing with diverse themes of high interest to university educators, including the third subcommittee (Subcommittee 4: Steering Committee of the National Association of University Consortiums). We presented practical case studies and exchanged opinions with participants.

▽Subcommittee 1 ▽Subcommittee 2

△Subcommittee 3 △Subcommittee 4


The next forum, the 19th forum, will be held in Hachioji in October 2022. Details will be announced on the website of the University Consortium Kyoto as soon as they are decided.