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The 11th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum was held!

On September 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun), the 11th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum was held at the Iwate Prefectural Information and Exchange Center Aiina in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, under the theme of "Inter-University Collaboration and Regional Revitalization Initiatives."

280 people from 117 higher education institutions and governments from all over Japan from all over Japan from the perspective and perspective that solving regional issues such as responses to the declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation and recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake may develop into global standards originating in the region, and to learn and consider advanced initiatives to solve various regional issues by looking at the role that universities play in the community. Participants discussed the results of collaborating with universities and the future of university and regional cooperation.

The next forum will be held in September 2015 at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Ishikawa Prefecture. Please consider joining us.

▽Symposium ▽Trends in Higher Education Policy (Commentary)

  ▽Subcommittees (4 subcommittees) ▽Poster Session (24 exhibitors)       
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Outline of the project

Day time Saturday, September 13, 2014 12:00~20:15, Sunday, September 14, 2014 9:30~11:30
Venue Iwate Prefectural Information and Exchange Center Aiina
Te Ma Inter-University Collaboration and Regional Revitalization Initiatives
Organizers National University Consortium Council
Co-organizers Iwate Higher Education Consortium


Day 1: Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time Content
12:00~13:00 ■Reception
12:00~17:00 ■Poster Session
12:00~13:00 ■Poster Session Core Time
12:15~12:45 ■National University Consortium Council General Meeting (Target: Consortium only)
13:00~13:15 ■Greeting

 ・Greetings from the Representative of the Council: Tetsuma
Akamatsu (Representative Secretary, National Council of University Consortium, President of Ryukoku University)

 ・Greetings from the Representative of the Host City: Shigeki Sakai (President, Iwate University)
 ・Guest Address: Takuya Tatsumasu (Governor of Iwate Prefecture) 
13:15~16:00 ■Symposium
  Inter-University Collaboration and Regional Revitalization Initiatives
  Nagahiko Matsumoto (Executive Vice President, Ehime University)
  Ryuji Oda (Associate Dean, Faculty of Regional Education and Human Studies, Yamagata University)
  Toyoki Okada (President, Kobe Gakuin University)
  Yoshihito Ozawa (Vice President for Regional Relations, Fukushima University)
  Fujio Omori (Professor, Center for Education, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
16:00~16:10 ■Poster SessionCorporate Booth PR Time
16:00~17:00 ■Poster Session Core Time
17:00~17:40 ■Trends in Higher Education Policy (Commentary) Tomoka Satomi (Director, University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
17:40~18:15 ■Venue transfer and information exchange meeting reception
18:15~20:15 ■Information exchange meeting

Day 2: Sunday, September 14, 2014

Time Content
9:00~9:30 ■Reception
9:30~11:30 ■Subcommittee 1: Collaboration between consortiums and companies with 33 participants
~ Regional revitalization through IC cards and campus reporters
■Subcommittee 2: Number of participants: 37 unoffered graduates, 20% Prevention measures for 120,000 people, internships
■Subcommittee 3: Number of participants: 39
International Exchange and Consortium
■Subcommittee 4: Number of participants: 54 people
, reconstruction and collaboration

Workshop: "Let's talk about university conso!"

 A workshop aimed at exchanging opinions and interacting with people involved in the activities of the University Consortium "Let's talk about the University Conso!" (outside the official program) was also held at the same time in Iwate. Heated group discussions were held on the management and activity methods of each organization, and it was very well received.

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