Notes on bank transfers

  • As a general rule, please use the transfer form issued at the time of this reservation.
  • Due to long holidays, etc., we may suspend prepayment transfers.
  • The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
  • The address on the transfer form will be the name of the applicant who is applying.
  • The customer receipt at the time of transfer will be the receipt. It is not issued or reissued separately.
  • Even if the payment is made after the transfer deadline has passed, it will be treated as a cancellation.
    The transfer fee for the refund will be borne by the customer. (There is no fee for refunds at the counter.) )
  • The transfer deadline and provisional reservation deadline cannot be extended.
  • The reception desk will not contact you regarding transfers (unpaid, expired, etc.).
  • In principle, the usage fee cannot be refunded for cancellation (cancellation of use) after transfer.
    However, depending on the reason for cancellation (cancellation of use), a part of the usage fee may be refunded.
    For details, please contact the reception desk.

Changes to the handling of usage fee refunds at the time of cancellation

Information on refund procedures【Download from here】 Entry example【Application for cancellation of use permission】【Download from here】 Entry example【For invoices and individuals】【Download from here】 Entry example【For invoices and corporations】-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-【Download from