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About provisional reservation deadline and transfer deadline

  • The tentative reservation deadline is 2 weeks after the tentative reservation date or 2 weeks before the date of use, whichever is
  • The transfer deadline is one day before the tentative reservation deadline. *However, if the transfer deadline
    falls on [Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, Monday], the transfer deadline will be advanced to the bank business day immediately preceding the closing day (Monday, year-end and New Year holidays).

    If you do not apply (transfer) by the transfer deadline, you will only be able to make cash deposits.
    If payment cannot be confirmed within the deadline, the license given in advance will be invalid and
    will be treated as cancellation.

  • Even if the deposit is made after the deadline has passed, it will be treated as a cancellation.
    The transfer fee for the refund will be borne by the customer. (There is no fee for refunds at the counter.) )
  • The transfer deadline and provisional reservation deadline cannot be extended.
  • We do not contact you regarding non-payment or expiration.