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Collection of town development examples

Examples of collaborative activities between universities, students, and local communities that member schools of
the University Consortium Kyoto are working on are introduced. The information is current to fiscal 2017.
For examples of activities since AY2018, please see the university-regional collaboration portal


・Dissemination of attractiveness through discovery and reevaluation of local resources
・Fact-finding surveys
aimed at solving regional issues ・Initiatives
aimed at revitalizing shopping districts ・Community development through the practice of art
・Community development
through the promotion of local culture and traditions ・Creating regional bases and places
to belong ・Support for the elderly and children
・Environmental conservation activities
・Dissemination of local information using the media
for agricultural promotion ・Others

By University

Kyoto University Kyoto University of Education Kyoto Institute of Technology Kyoto City University of Arts
Kyoto Prefectural
University Fukuchiyama Public
University Ikebo Junior College
Otani University / Otani University Junior
College Kyoto

Medical Science
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies / Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Studies Kyoto Gakuen
University Kyoto Kacho University / Huading Junior
College Kyoto College of Nursing
Kyoto Koka Women's University, Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior
CollegeSaga Art University, Saga Art
Junior College Kyoto Sangyo
University Kyoto Women's
University Kyoto Seika University Kyoto Seika
University Kyoto Seimo Jogakuin Junior College
Kyoto University of Art and Design Kyoto
Tachibana University
Kyoto Notre Dame Women's
University Kyoto College of Arts and Crafts
Kyoto Bunkyo University Kyoto Bunkyo Junior
Kyoto Pharmaceutical
University Tanechiin
University Doshisha University Doshisha Women's
University Hanazono
University Bukkyo
University Heian Jogakuin University / Heian Jogakuin University Junior
College Ritsumeikan
University Ryukoku University / Ryukoku University Junior
College The
Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics


Environment & Energy, Landscape & Beautification ActivitiesEnvironment & Energy, Landscape & Beautification Activities

Industry & TourismIndustry & Tourism

Safe and secureSafe and secure



Health, Welfare and HealthHealth, Welfare and Health



Open Lecture

We will introduce public seminars and symposiums held regularly at each university for the general public.

mark_koukai-kouzaGo to the open lecture page

Contact point for regional cooperation at each university

We will introduce the departments that serve as contact points for promoting activities in which universities, students, and the community collaborate and collaborate at each university.

mark_renkei-madoguchiTo the page of the regional cooperation window of each university

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