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Presentation of Kyoto in English

Overview of the business

This project was started as a project to solve the problem of "not being able to answer when asked about Japan and Kyoto", which was overwhelmingly common in interviews with students who have completed short-term ~ long-term study abroad in English-speaking countries, and to develop the ability to convey the charms of their own country and Kyoto to many students in English.
In addition to increasing students' interest in studying abroad, it is expected that the number of Kyoto fans will increase and the number of students studying in Kyoto and tourists will increase by accurately communicating the appeal of Kyoto when they study abroad. Furthermore, through taking the course, you will be able to improve your ability to convey the charms of Kyoto in English, and you can expect to play an active role as human resources who can convey the charms of Kyoto to foreign tourists and international students even after returning to your home country. In addition, one of the unique features of the University Consortium Kyoto Project is that students can interact with students outside their own universities and open up their knowledge.

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