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International Student Study Kyoto Network

Overview of the business

 Since 2015, the University Consortium Kyoto has been promoting international students (including foreign researchers) in the Kyoto area. The same shall apply hereinafter), and the "International Student Study Kyoto Network" consists of member universities, educational institutions such as Japanese schools, vocational schools, vocational schools, companies, related industry groups, related public institutions, etc., in order to improve the attractiveness of Kyoto as a "university town and student town" by promoting the development of a system for attracting and accepting international students and creating a system to utilize the knowledge and experience of international students in the region. (about 100 organizations).
The "Study Kyoto Network for International Students" implements the following projects to attract and support international students.

  1. Raising awareness as a "study abroad destination and learning city"Operation
    of the Kyoto Study Abroad Comprehensive Portal SiteOperation
    of international student PR teamProvision
    of support menu for overseas educational trips
  2. Support
    for attracting universities and Japanese schoolsHolding
    seminars and exchange meetings for members who utilize
    the Kyoto study abroad guide "STUDY KYOTO"
  3. Improving
    the environment for accepting international studentsImplementing paid internships for international studentsOperation
    of a housing information site for international studentsPromotion
    of exchange between international students and the local community

【Kyoto Study Abroad Portal Site STUDY KYOTO】

Contact us

International Student Study Kyoto Network 【Secretariat】Consortium of Universities Kyoto International Division
TEL 075-353-9164 FAX 075-353-9101
E-mail: kyoto-nw■consortium.or.jp (*Please change the ■ part to @ and send)
600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

About our business