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Recommendation for Open Campus

3 Steps to Getting to Open Campus

[1] Find the university you want to go to!

Let's search by university name and convenient schedule! During the summer vacation, more than one university may have an open campus in one day. But that's okay! In Kyoto, the distance between university campuses is close, so it is possible to visit multiple campuses! Even if you are not sure, go there first and see for yourself.

[2] Find out about the university you are going to!

Once you have decided which university to go to, the first thing to do is to look into that university. Each university has a full range of entrance examination information sites, so be sure to check them out! In addition to websites, there are many universities that accept requests for materials, so it may be a good idea to order them.

[3] Check your belongings and clothes!

This was my first tour of a university campus. What should I bring to the Open Campus…? What kind of clothes should I wear…? Let's check it out!

Writing utensils and notepads

Make sure you don't miss what you hear from the university, so write it down with notes! It's also important to check the notes and look back on them after you get home! Writing utensils and notepads are essentials.

Bag for A4 size materials

Universities often distribute materials, so bring a bag that can hold A4 size materials.


It doesn't matter if you wear uniform or plain clothes. However, choose appropriate clothing that will not cause discomfort to the university. Also, since you often walk around the campus, choose shoes that are familiar to you.

Heat stroke countermeasures

Open campuses are often held during the summer vacation, when high school students can easily participate. Since the sun is long during campus tours, it is essential to take measures against heat stroke in the hot summer. Bring a hat and drinking water. Also, in recent years, there are hot days until around October, so being careless is a big enemy.

Map and contact information around the university

Make a note of your map and contact information in case you get lost or are likely to be late for a scheduled class. If you are a university in Kyoto City, we recommend using the Kyoto walking map of "Kyoto Sightseeing Navi"!