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Session 1: University Reform and the Role of University Administrators

Area agenda Full name
Keynote Speech University Management and the Role of Administrators Hiroshi Hizuka (Coordinator, University Management Study Group, University Consortium Kyoto, Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
Breakout Sessions A Case Study of a Medium-sized Women's University Kenichiro Kosaka (General Manager, Doshisha Women's University)
Breakout Sessions Introduction of New Personnel System at Kyoto Sangyo University Akira Nishiura (Director, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Breakout Sessions Career Development of University Staff ~Overview of Human Resource Development System at Kyoto University of Art and Design~ Yoichi Tanaka (Deputy Director, Kyoto University of Art and Design)
Breakout Sessions What is expected of administrators ~What I think while working at Ritsumeikan~ Kohei Mikami (Director, Admissions Center, Ritsumeikan University)
Breakout Sessions The Future of National University Organization and Management Masao Homma (Secretary-General, Kyoto University)
Breakout Sessions Human Resource Development at Waseda University Toru Ihara (Director, Waseda University)
Breakout Sessions Human Resource Development at KUMON Makoto Umeda (General Manager, Recruitment and Development Department, Kumon Human Resources Development Center)
Breakout Sessions Transformation of University Organization and Future University Staff Jun Ohba (Associate Professor, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, Hiroshima University)


Session 2: Toward the Construction of the Image of a University Administrator

Panel Discussion Building the Image of a University Administrator Mr. Tsumikazu Wada (Director, President's Office, Hosei University)
Yoshio Kawamura (Professor, Faculty of Economics, Ryukoku University)
Keiji Fujimoto (Secretary-General, Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives)
Hiroshi Hizuka (Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Business Administration)
Breakout Sessions University Management and the Role of Administrators ~Based on the Case Study of Kyoto Women's Gakuen~ Hiroyuki Yamada (Director of Kyoto Women's Gakuen)
Breakout Sessions Development of methods for strategic planning and management and evaluation in university management Kazumasa Fukushima (Executive Director, Executive Officer, Assistant to the President, Secretary General, Japan University of Social Welfare)
Breakout Sessions Involved in work from exit (employment) to entrance (admission) Mr. Shun Imai (Administrative Manager, Kyoto Sangyo University Admissions Center)
Breakout Sessions Educational Support Required of University Staff: Aiming for Teacher-Professional Collaboration Junichi Yamada (Ritsumeikan University)
Breakout Sessions An Attempt to Support Student Growth at the Rikkyo University Career Center: Qualities Required of Career Center Staff Toshiko Kato (Director, Rikkyo University Career Center)
Breakout Sessions SD and APU Epic Experiment Masaharu Imamura (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Deputy Secretary General)
Breakout Sessions The Possibility of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration at Art and Design Universities ~Through the Case of Tohoku University of Art and Design~ Katsuhiko Takahashi (Director of Research Support Office, Tohoku University of Art and Design)
Breakout Sessions The Actual State of Management in the Field of Corporate Support: Operation of Incubation Facilities and the Formation of Industry-Academia-Government-Private Communities Satoshi Dono (Director of Ogimachi Incubation Plaza)
Breakout Sessions Initiatives for University Finance as an Administrator Mr. Ryoho Nagano (Director of Finance, Ryukoku University)
Breakout Sessions Courageous Administrator Shuzo Ueda (General Manager, Research Division, Kyoto Seika University)


Session 3: Human Resource Development for Staff

Area agenda Full name
Keynote Speech Future Universities and University Management ~From the Perspective of Human Resource Development~ Takashi Goda (Director, Accounting Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Breakout Sessions Future University Staff Training Jun Ohba (Associate Professor, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, Hiroshima University)
Breakout Sessions Training of University Administrators in Master's Program ~Initiatives of Oberlin University Graduate School (Commuter Course and Correspondence Course)~ Katsuo Suzuki (Administrative Director, Associate Professor, Oberlin University)
Breakout Sessions Qualities required of university staff in the future and how to form them Shinichi Yamamoto (Professor, Director, University Research Center, University of Tsukuba)
Breakout Sessions Read one step ahead Kenji Nakayama (General Manager, Doshisha University)
Breakout Sessions About the Executive Staff Training Program of the Ritsumeikan University Center for Public Administration Research and Training Setsuko Chikamori (Deputy Director, Center for Public Administration and Training, Ritsumeikan University)


Session 4: Collaboration between Teachers in University Management

Area agenda Full name
Keynote Speech SD and FD -The Vitality of Universities- Shokichi Kinukawa (Professor Emeritus, International Christian University)
Breakout Sessions Overview and Issues of Personnel Evaluation System at Akita International University Masayoshi Sasaki (Deputy Director-General, Akita International University)
Breakout Sessions First-year experience as a university and school builder Terumasa Ikeda (Dean, Graduate School of School and School Development, Meijo University)
Breakout Sessions AD-based Human Resource Development -Third Job Development (AD) Beyond Dualism (SD/FD)- Keiji Yaginuma (Director, Institute of Higher Education, Chukyo Women's University)
Breakout Sessions Small and Medium-sized Universities -Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Universities, HRM- Masazo Fukuoka (Director of Public Relations, Kyoto Seika University)
Breakout Sessions Organizational Restructuring and Personnel System at Otani University -Reform by Staff Themselves and Aftermath- Tomoko Kosumi (General Affairs Department, Otani University)


Session 5: Leadership and University Reform in University Management

Area agenda Full name
Keynote Speech Leadership and University Reform in University Management Hachiro Kawamoto (Ritsumeikan Advisor)
Breakout Sessions Entrance Examination Reform and the Role of Administrative Staff Hiroshi Michizen (Kansai University Admissions Secretary-General)
Breakout Sessions Employment support strategy with an eye on university management Yoshinori Nishida (Director, Career Center, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Breakout Sessions Branding Strategy in University Public Relations: University Reform and Strategic Public Relations Activities Issei Saito (Director of Public Relations Office, Meiji Gakuin University)
Breakout Sessions Small and Medium University Leadership and University Reform Masako Shibata (Kyoto Tachibana University Secretary-General)
Breakout Sessions University Identity and University Reform Masako Matsui (General Manager, Japan Women's University)
Breakout Sessions Impact of incorporation ~If each person changes, the organization will change~ Hiroaki Goto (Deputy Director of Planning, Kobe University)


Session 6: Human Resource Management and Staff Capacity Development

Area agenda Full name
Keynote Speech Human Resource Management at Kansai University Yasuichiro Morimoto (Kansai University Director and Advisor)
Breakout Sessions Kwansei Gakuin's Training System -Links to Personnel Systems- Shuji Fukunaka (Kwansei Gakuin University Deputy General Manager of General Affairs Department (also serving as Human Resources Manager))
Breakout Sessions Collaboration with SD – An Attempt at a Regional Medium-sized University Kuniko Murota (Deputy Secretary-General, Hiroshima Shudo University)
Breakout Sessions What a small university can do ~Creating an organization that makes the most of the abilities of its staff~ Akiko Tsuchiyama (Secretary-General, Kyoto Keizai Junior College)
Breakout Sessions The University's Social Responsibility and Risk Management Initiatives Mr. Shigeki Uekusa (New Japan LLC, Public Accounting Department, School Management Support Office)
Breakout Sessions Expertise and skill development of future faculty and academic staff Keiji Hata (Associate Professor, Management Information Analysis Office, Ehime University) Taishi Kono (Team Leader, Education Planning Division, Education and Student Support Department, Ehime University)
Breakout Sessions Skills and human resource development required of research support personnel Yoshifumi Noguchi (Deputy Director, Research Department, Ritsumeikan University, Director of Science and Engineering Research Office)

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