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【Internship】Practical training site has been opened!

Training site OPEN!

Practical training information of approximately 140 companies and organizations registered for the 2022 Internship Program has been released.

This year as well, a variety of companies and organizations are preparing to accept you in the hope of your growth!

We also post the appeal points of the practical training and messages from the person in charge,
so please take a look at the information of many companies and organizations!

Click here ▶ for the "Internship Search Site" Internship Program Portal Site

Confirmation points

of the Exercise
In some cases, practical training content that differs from the business content and general image of the company / organization is prepared.
Please do not judge only by the image, but please check the practical training contents of many companies and organizations.

Expected Acceptance Period
Please check the schedule to see if there is any overlap with the schedule such as university practical training.

Training location
Please check the transportation to the place of work and the time required. Transportation expenses are at your own expense.

Specification conditions
There may be specifications such as undergraduate school and TOEIC scores.

How to use the training site search site

1. Try pressing the search button without entering a search word
A list of all registered companies and organizations will appear.
Recommended for those who want to search from all training companies and organizations.

2. Identify the industry and search for the company / organization to practice This
method is recommended if you have decided on the desired industry.
However, please review the lab content carefully.
In addition, depending on the training destination, multiple training departments may be registered.

3. Search for a company or organization for training based on skills
and qualifications Recommended for those who want to make use of their skills and qualifications.
You can also search for companies and organizations that match your field of study at university.


List of Training Sites

You can also check the information of the training site from the list of training sites on the portal site.

Business Course/Public Course List of Places

Long-Term Project Course List of Internships

* Click the company name to check the details of the training.


Contact us

University Consortium Kyoto Internship Project Promotion Office
Mail intern@consortium.or.jp
TEL 075-353-9106 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto ※Reception hours: Tuesday~Saturday 9:00~17:0 0 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)